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Global Gambling Superstitions - From Lucky Charms to Unlucky Numbers

Gambling is a popular activity in many countries around the world. It is because of this popularity that certain superstitions about gambling are also present. A superstition from one country may not be the same as that in another location, though.

That’s why we have put together a collection of gambling superstitions from around the world. You may find some of them silly. You may find others very believable. It’s always interesting to find out what other countries find to be conceivable problems in relation to gambling, though.

Gambling superstitions

Wear Red for Good Fortune

In China, the colour red is perceived to be a lucky one. During Chinese New Year, red envelopes are handed out to youngsters and family members, which contain money. These are to wish the receivers a happy and prosperous New Year.

Thus, the custom of the lucky red colour has also spread across the gambling industry. As such, anyone visiting gambling venues or playing in live online casinos in China will also opt to wear red in the hope that it brings them good luck in the games. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for red underwear to be worn by such believers of this superstition!

Luck Attributed to Numbers 7 and 13

Unlucky numbers are part of gambling superstition as well as ordinary life, but it is important to mention that they can differ from country to country. There are different aspects that people tie to numbers, in some places 28 is considered to have wealth attributes. Perhaps none are as famous as unlucky 13, though. That is especially true in Western cultures. Folkloric aspects of the number 13 have been noted in various cultures, and one theory behind this is due to them utilising the lunar-solar calendars featuring 12 months. Due to this, 13 is considered an unlucky addition, and some believe this to be why it has become an unlucky gambling number.

In Chinese culture, the number seven is sometimes considered unlucky. The seventh month of the year, July, is a “ghost month”, which is where that theory comes from. It also sounds like the word for “to deceive” in Mandarin. Yet, for the most part, seven is thought of as a lucky number. It is recognised as the bringer of good luck in various cultures.

Avoid Entering the Venue by the Front Door

Most people visiting an establishment would not consider anything other than entering through the front door. It’s the most common way to go into a building. Yet when it comes to land-based casinos, some believe it to be a very unlucky route to take. They believe that going in through the front door will hinder their chances of winning.

This superstition is from many years ago when MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas had a huge, elaborate entrance in the shape of a lion’s roaring mouth. The thought of the superstitious gamblers was that they were walking into the mouth of the beast, and thus, they opted for a different entrance for good luck.

There is also the theory that entering through the front door will see you encounter those players who are in the process of leaving. Those players are believed to be exiting due to a losing streak, so it is thought their bad luck will rub off on others.

Blow on the Dice for Good Luck

You may have seen at least one member of your family doing this when playing board games at home. When it gets to their turn, they shake the dice and blow on them, hoping to instil some good luck into the roll. It’s also quite a common gambling superstition when playing casino games like Craps. So much so that blowing on the dice in such games has found its way into several movies featuring gambling scenes.

If you choose to play craps or other dice-related games online, then you may be stumped with this superstition, as you cannot blow on virtual dice. Yet if you visit a physical establishment, you may be surprised how many people engage in blowing on the dice before rolling them.

Blow on the Dice

Don’t Count Your Money at the Table

A famous casino superstition suggests that you shouldn’t count your money or your chips while seated at a table. It’s a big no-no. This superstition does also set out the ground for reasonable and proper behaviour while gaming.

It is considered very unlucky to count your money before or even immediately after a game finishes. Not only that, but it is quite disrespectful to the others seated at the same table as you. They could be on a bit of a losing streak, and if they see you counting out the money you’ve got, it’s not so nice for them. Yet there is also the idea that pride comes before a fall, too!

Having a Lucky Charm

This doesn’t specifically relate to engaging in gambling. Many people carry lucky charms for various aspects of life. Perhaps you’re off to a job interview, and you keep a lucky charm in your pocket. Or maybe you have an exam coming up, and you place a lucky charm on your desk during it to provide good fortune.

Well, the same is also noteworthy when it comes to gambling. Popular objects like a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, and so on are thought to be lucky for their holders. So many people opt for charms when gambling that some software developers, like Lucky Foxglove from Mancala Gaming, have even included them as symbols and/or themes in their game releases.

Having a Lucky Charm

Crossing Your Legs or Fingers

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you”, is a common saying in Western cultures. This means that you wish for good fortune for the person you’re directing the phrase at. Some people take that superstition into their gambling activity, hoping that crossing their fingers will bring large payouts to them from their chosen game or betting.

On the other hand, crossing your legs is thought to negate any type of fortune. Doing this is thought, by some, to reject any possible good chances that may come your way. As a result, you aren’t likely to see famous gamblers crossing their legs while engaging in rounds of roulette or baccarat, for example.

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