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Bet on Awareness: The Gamalyze Challenge

Casino Reviews in partnership with MindwayAI and eCOGRA

Have you ever wondered where the fine line between a harmless bet and a risky wager lies? This Gambling Awareness Month, it’s time to put your habits to the test – literally!

We're excited to introduce Bet on Awareness: The Gamalyze Challenge – it’s more than just a test; it's a gamified journey into your gaming behavior.

Test yourself with the Gamalyze challenge



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Dive into the science of self-awareness at no cost.



Discover unseen aspects of your gambling habits.



Utilize cutting-edge neuroscience to assess riskiness.

Ready to See Where You Stand? Just:

  • 1. Follow the link to Gamalyze test.
  • 2. Play the Game: Engage with our interactive, gamified test.
  • 3. Receive Your Analysis: Instant insights into your behavior and habits.
  • 4. Discover Your Riskiness: Learn how risky you really are and how to manage it.

The Real Question Is...

Are you as in control as you think?

Begin the Gamalyze Challenge!

About Bet on Awareness

The Bet on Awareness campaign, hosted by Casino Reviews in partnership with Mindway AI and eCOGRA, is an initiative designed to promote responsible gaming and increase self-awareness among gamblers. By leveraging the innovative Gamalyze tool developed by Mindway AI offering insights into player behavior, the campaign aims to shed light on the psychological aspects of gambling, encouraging players to evaluate and understand their gambling habits better. Through Bet on Awareness we seek to foster a community of informed and mindful gamers, underlining our commitment to safer gambling practices and the well-being of our audience. At the end of the campaign, a comprehensive study detailing the results will be published on our platform, offering valuable insights into players’ risk behavior in 2024.


During the campaign, a total of 236 games were started by participants. Out of these, 187 games were completed, and 181 reports were reviewed. This resulted in an almost 80% completion rate (79.24%) and a 97% report rate.

Data Analysis:

The collected data is compiled into a Risk Score Overview report, which contains the following markers:

  • 1. Risk Score
  • 2. Risk Guess Minus Risk Score
  • 3. Sensitivity to Rewards
  • 4. Sensitivity to Losses
  • 5. Sensitivity to Win Frequency
  • 6. Persistence

Key Findings:

  • 1. Low Sensitivity to Losses: Most participants are driven by potential rewards rather than deterred by losses.
  • 2. 16.5% Underestimate Risk: These participants are at a higher risk of developing gambling problems.
  • 3. 39% Overestimate Risk: These participants experience unnecessary anxiety and stress about their gambling behavior.
  • 4. The majority exhibit low to moderate persistence, ceasing gambling when faced with continuous low win frequencies.
  • 5. A notable portion shows high persistence, continuing to gamble despite losses, indicating the need for targeted interventions.
  • 6. Need for Accurate Self-Assessment Tools: Highlighting the discrepancy between perceived and actual risks is crucial for promoting healthier gambling practices.
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