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Kevin Martin - From Online Poker Star to Big Brother Champion

Known for his exceptional poker skills, engaging stream, and ambassadorship with GGPoker, Kevin Martin has had a remarkable journey to success.

Before becoming one of online poker’s favorite personalities, Kevin rose to prominence by winning the 5th season of the reality show Big Brother Canada. This victory catapulted him into the spotlight and showcased his ability to thrive under pressure.

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Coming from a humble background in a small town in northern Alberta, Kevin’s passion for poker began at an early age. Starting with the micro stakes in 2014, he pursued a relentless pursuit of excellence, determined to make a mark in the poker world.

Through hard work, dedication, and an unwavering belief in his abilities, he gradually climbed the ranks, ultimately reaching some of the biggest poker tournaments.

Full NameFull Name
Kevin Martin
Net WorthNet Worth
$2 million
Source of WealthSource of Wealth
Professional poker player, TV personality
Famous forFamous for
Popular Twitch Poker Streamer, Winner of Big Brother Canada 5
January 3rd, 1993, Canada

This article explores Kevin Martin net worth and hit journey from a small-town upbringing to becoming a renowned professional poker player and streamer.

We dive into the key moments that shaped his life and his career, showing the challenges he faced and the triumphs he celebrated along the way.

Kevin Martin Highlights

Kevin Martin’s highlights
  • In 2014 played low stakes in local casinos to pay the bills
  • In 2015 won a $44 tournament on PokerStars while streaming and doubled his bankroll
  • In 2016 chopped the $22 Sunday Mini-Million for $22,000
  • Won Big Brother Canada Season 5
  • Signed with GGPoker in 2020

Kevin Martin Early Life and DJ Years

Kevin Martin was born on January 3rd, 1993. His journey to becoming a renowned professional poker player and a TV personality began in a small town in Northern Alberta.

Not much information is available about Kevin’s childhood before high school, but during his post-secondary training in radio and television, he discovered another passion in the face of poker.

After completing his two-year training, at the age of 20, Kevin landed a job as a radio DJ at a rock station in Southern Alberta. Working the late-night shift with low listenership, he found himself with spare time.

Having recently moved to a new town where he had no friends, Keving turned to the local brick-and-mortar casinos to fill his time. He started playing live poker, specifically $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em cash games in various cardrooms across Alberta. Surprisingly, Kevin began earning more on poker than his job.

At the age of 21, Martin faced a life-changing decision. With his poker winnings surpassing his income as a DJ, he boldly chose to leave his radio career behind and fully dedicate himself to playing poker professionally.

There is no doubt that he made the right decision and that his early experiences in the poker rooms of Alberta laid the groundwork for his success.

Kevin Martin's Professional Poker Career

In 2015, Kevin achieved the first milestone in his poker career by winning the Hot $44 tournament on PokerStars, all while streaming live on Twitch.

This victory not only doubled his bankroll but also made the beginning of his poker content career. Recognizing the combined power of live casinos and online streaming, Keving decided to share his poker adventures with the world.

Martin had another breakthrough moment the following year when he chopped the $22 Sunday Mini-Milion tournament, earning an impressive $22,000. This triumph stood as his biggest score up to that point, further propelling his casino streaming career.

His talent and dedication led him to even the greatest heights in the following years. In another notable achievement, he finished runner-up in the prestigious PokerStars Caribbean Adventure event, taking home a substantial prize of $32,000.

This accomplishment showcases his competitive spirit and demonstrates Martin's ability to compete at the highest levels of live poker.

However, life took an unexpected turn for Kevin, and he made the difficult decision to retire from poker in 2019 due to personal trauma. The online poker community felt the absence of this talented player, but Kevin’s resilience shone through as he returned to the game one year later.

Some of the most thrilling moments in his career happened in 2021. During the Colossus tournament, his captivating stream attracted an astounding audience of over $10,000 viewers. Kevin’s skillful plate led to a remarkable third-place finish and a life-changing prize of $207,000, his biggest score ever.

Kevin Martin’s quote

“Somebody is going to win this thing, so why not me?”

Kevin Martin

Notable Achievements in Live Poker Torunaments

Although he mostly focused on online tournaments that he streams on his Twitch channel with a huge following, Kevin Martin has also achieved notable success in live events. According to his Hendon Mob page, he has accumulated an impressive $394,614 in winnings across 74 different events.

His recorded live tournament journey began in November 2015, where he made his mark by finishing 10th in the C$330 No Limit Hold'em event at the DeepStacks Poker Tour stop in Calgary. This achievement earned him C$1,880.

The following year, Martin secured his first victory. He won the $235 NLHE Thursday Thrilla Black Chip Bounty event at Run It Up Reno II for $5,805.

In August 2018, Kevin’s skill and determination propelled him to triumph once again. He outlasted the field in the C$1,600 Main Event at the Summer Super Stack in Calgary and took home C$49,700.

However, his biggest single live tournament score occurred in October 2018. During the $600 Main Even at Run It Up Reno VII, he secured a 2nd place finish and a remarkable payout of $48,210.

Poker Spornsorships and Accomplishments

Kevin’s talent and poker accomplishments have earned him not only recognition from some of the most famous gamblers but also sponsorships from the biggest names in the casino card game.

In 2016, he joined the prestigious roster of sponsored pros at PokerStars. Three years late, in February 2019, he expanded his sponsorship portfolio by becoming a member of Team ParyPoker, further solidifying Martin as a respected figure in the poker community.

The journey continued in October 2020 when he signed with GGPoker, joining their esteemed teams as a member of the GGSquad.

Kevin Martin Big Brother Canada

Martin’s journey to stardom reached new heights with his appearances on Big Brother Canada. In Season 3, his strategic gameplay and ability to build alliances made him a formidable contender.

However, it was in Season 5 that Kevin emerged as the ultimate champion, outwitting and outplaying his fellow houseguests to claim the coveted title.

His charismatic personality, strategic insight, and ability to navigate social dynamics proved instrumental in his success.

Kevin’s triumph on Big Brother Canada solidified his status as a household name and further propelled his career in poker and content creation.

Kevin Martin Net Worth and Earnings

Determining Kevin Martin's net worth can be challenging due to the nature of poker earnings and the limited available information.

Poker players often have various expenses related to buy-ins, swapping action with other players, and participating in cash games, making it difficult to provide an accurate figure.

Adding to the complexity, Kevin has turned off tracking on most poker sites he plays on, making it harder to gather comprehensive data.

However, according to the Hendon Mob, Kevin has accumulated $394,614 in live tournament winnings, a valuable indicator of his success on the live poker circuit.

Furthermore, Kevin Martin’s triumph in Big Brother Canada Season 5 rewarded him with a CA$100,000 first prize, a brand new Toyota 86, and a C$30,000 home renovation package.

Based on this limited information, we believe that Martin's estimated net worth is $1 to $3 million.

Where Is Kevin Martin Today?

Today, Kevin continues to make his mark in the poker community through his engaging online presence.

With over 109,000 followers on Twitch under the name “@kevinmartin”, he shares his poker adventures, strategies, and insights with a dedicated audience.

Additionally, Martin's YouTube channel boats over 70,000 subscribers, where he uploads clips from his Twitch streams, allowing fans to relive the highlights of his gameplay.


What Is Kevin Martin Net Worth?

Since Martin has several income streams, including his participation in Big Brother Canada, his poker career, his Twitch stream, and his poker sponsorships, it is hard to make an exact guess.

We estimate that Kevin Martin net worth is anywhere from $1 to $3 million.

Was Kevin Martin on Big Brother Canada?

Kevin Martin was on Big Brother Canada in seasons 3 and 5. In Season 5, Kevin emerged as the ultimate champion, outwitting and outplaying his fellow houseguests to claim the coveted title.

This significantly contributed to his fame and helped him get more recognition and better sponsorship deals from poker operators.

Are Kevin Martin and Pilar Nemer Still Together?

Kevin Martin and Pilar Nemer, both former Big Brother Canada participants, restored their romance following Big Brother Canada 5. In February 2017, Kevin proposed to Pilar, and they officially became engaged.

Their wedding took place in September 2018, and they are still together.

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