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Robbi Jade Lew – Unveiling the Poker Pro behind the Legendary J4 Call

The poker world is known for mixing strategy, skill, and a bit of luck to create legends. Today, we spotlight Robbi Jade Lew, an American poker player whose swift rise in the industry is as fascinating as it is inspiring.

Known for her brilliant and controversial play against Garret Adelstein on the Hustler Casino livestream, Robbi has become a household name in poker circles. Her journey to poker fame is as unique as her playing style.

Before delving into the high-stakes poker world, she carved a successful career in the pharmaceutical sector, holding a senior position at the renowned company Bayer.

Her blend of analytical skills and corporate experience has undoubtedly shaped her approach to the games, making her a formidable opponent.

Full NameFull Name
Robbi Jade Lew
Net WorthNet Worth
$1 million
Source of WealthSource of Wealth
Business executive and poker player
Famous forFamous for
Hustler Casino live stream scandal
December 14th, 1987, Saudi Arabia

As we dive deeper into her life and career, Robbi Jade Lew net worth is a testament to her success in different business endeavors and at the poker table.

We invite you to join us in exploring one of the most remarkable gamblers in the industry, as her story is not just about one hand but the determination, skill, and intelligence that has led her to make one of the greatest calls in poker history.

Robbi Jade Lew Highlights

Robbi Lew Highlights
  • Made one of the most famous calls in the history of poker during the Hustler Casino livestream
  • Before poker, she worked as a business executive at a pharmaceutical company
  • Started getting involved with poker during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Featured in various poker shows: Hustler Casino Live, and Poker at the Lodge
  • Married to Charles Lew, a prominent California lawyer and professor

Robbi Jade Lew Childhood and Education

The early life of Robbi Jade Lew is a blend of international roots and academic excellence. Born in Saudi Arabia to highly educated parents - a doctor and a physicist - she grew up with an identical twin and a younger brother.

Her family’s move to Berkley, California, when she was just five, and later to Orinda, marked the beginning of her American journey.

Robbi’s intellectual pursuits led her to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she excelled academically, earning a double major in law, society, and philosophy.

The rigorous educational background laid a solid foundation for her analytical and strategic thinking, skills that would later become invaluable in her poker career.

First Steps into Professional Poker

Robbi Jade Lew’s journey into professional poker is a remarkable story of transition from a newbie into a prominent figure in the poker world. Even today, she refers to herself as a businesswoman and recreational poker player more than a poker pro.

Her interest in poker intensified after the COVID-19 pandemic when she started her poker education after buying the “Poker for Dummies” book and taking lessons from her husband.

Her commitment to the game grew significantly, evidenced by her hiring two renowned poker coaches. The dedication saw her participating in the World Series of Poker and various smaller tournaments and cash games across Southern California and Las Vegas.

Robbi’s poker pursuits, beginning in earnings with recorded results from October 2021, primarily involve cash games and live streams.

She has made notable appearances on high-profile platforms like Hustler Casino Live, Live at the Bike, and Poker at the Lodge, gaining attention for her gameplay.

Poker Achievments and WSOP Results of Robbi Jade Lew

Robbi’s trajectory in the poker universe has been quite inspiring, beginning with modest cashes in smaller buy-in events.

In 2022, she showcased her prowess with impressive in-the-money finishes in high-profile WSOP tournaments like the $5,000 6-max event and the illustrious $10,000 Main Event, where she finished in 1276th place.

Between the two series, Robbi’s presence was felt in the Caribbean for the PCA and PSPC, adding valuable experiences to her poker career.

2023 marks a significant year for Lew, where she bagged four WSOP cashes and made notable appearances in various Vegas side events.

Taking her game up a notch, she enlisted the expertise of poker coach Faraz Jaka, a renowned name in the tournament poker scene. Under his guidance, she has honed her poker strategy and strengthened her mental game.

Robbi Jade vs. Adelstein: Poker Hand of the Century?

Robbi Jade’s poker journey took a dramatic turn with a hand that sent shockwaves through the poker community.

In late 2022, during a game at Hustler Casino Live, Lew was involved in an extraordinary hand against poker pro, Garret Adelstein, which would become infamous in the annals of televised poker.

The start of the hand was pretty standard, Adelstein opened with 8c7c to $3k, and Lew, in he typical style, defended her straddle with Jc4h.

Adelstein decided to fire a $2.5k continuation bet after the flop came ThTc9c, and surprisingly, Lew decided to make a call, despite only having backdoor potentials.

The turn brought the 3h, prompting another bet from Adelstein, this time $10k. Lew’s response? A surprising raise to $20k. Adelstein immediately went all in for $129,000, putting Lew in a tough spot for her remaining $100k.

In a decision that baffled viewers and commentators, Lew called in less than 20 seconds with just Jack high - a hand with virtually no equity against any value hand and even against most bluffs.

The players agreed to run it twice, with Lew winning both boards. However, the reveal of Robbi Jade’s hand post-river sparked controversy.

Cheating Accusations and Investigation

After seeing his opponent's hand, Adelstein, an experienced pro, sensed something amiss and voiced his concerns, though stopped short of outright accusing Lew of cheating at first.

However, as the tensions escalated, accusations were made, and the Hustler Casino Live staff got involved.

In a surprising twist, Lew returned the chips she won to Adelstein, an action that puzzled many, govern there was little incentive to do so if she was confident in her play.

The incident quickly snowballed into a major scandal, with prominent figures in poker media weighing in and speculating about potential cheating.

An independent investigation found no evidence of cheating, but the true nature of what transpired remains a mystery.

This hand has left an indelible mark on Robbi Jade’s poker career. While all parties have moved on, the shadow of this incident continues to loom, adding a complex layer to her persona in the poker world.

Robbi Lew's quote

“If I had cheated, I wouldn’t have given Garrett back half the money.”

Robbi Jade Lew

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth & Winnings

With the Robbi Jade net worth hovering around the $1 million mark, her financial acumen isn’t solely from her poker exploits.

Before diving into the poker scene, she carved a successful career in a senior-level position at Bayer, a global pharmaceutical giant.

Lew’s serious poker journey began in 2020, and she quickly demonstrated her prowess, primarily in cash games. While cash games form the bulk of Lew’s poker volume, making it challenging to precisely estimate her total poker wins or losses, her live tournament achievements are another story.

According to The Hendon Mob, a renowned poker database, Lew’s total career live earnings stand at an impressive $122,692.

Her most significant trump to date is clinching first place in the $2,200 No Limit Hold’em - Get Even Survivor at the World Poker Tour - WPT Legends of Poker in Los Angeles (Bell Gardens), netting her a cool $20,000.

Where Is Robbi Jade Lew Today?

Robbi continues to focus intensely on her poker career. Her presence is felt at the tables and vibrantly on social media, where she actively updates her followers about her poker journey.

Lew’s current endeavors encompass a mix of live and online tournaments, reflecting her versatility and dedication to mastering all facts of the game.

Besides sharpening her skills at the poker table, she is a frequent guest on various podcasts. There, she candidly discusses her poker career, delving into strategies, experiences, and Lew’s much-talked-about hand against Garret Adelstein.

These appearances offer a deeper insight into her poker mindset and strategies, making her a relatable and inspiring figure for poker enthusiasts.

Her latest significant achievement in the poker arena was in July 2023 at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Competing in the $1,000 No Limit Hold'em - Super Turbo (Bracelet Event 95) of the 54th WSOP in Las Vegas, Lew secured 37th place, adding $5,028 to her poker earnings.


What Is Robbi Jade Lew Famous For?

Robbi Jade Lew is famous for her involvement in a controversial poker hand against Garret Adelstein and her rising poker career.

Is Robbi Jade Lew Married?

Robbi Jade Lew has been married to a prominent California lawyer, Charles Lew, for over a decade.

Did Robbi Jade Lew Cheat against Garret Adelstein?

An independent investigation found no evidence of cheating by Robbi Jade Lew in the infamous J4 poker hand against Garret Adelstein.

What Is Robbi Jade Lew’s Net Worth?

Robbi Jade Lew’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million, primarily from her career at Bayer and poker winnings.

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