Bill C-13 Introduced by the Federal Government of Canada to Allow Single Sports Betting

There is good news for Canadian gamblers after the government put forward a bill last week that would legalize sports betting on single events, such as a football or ice hockey match.

At present, punters are only allowed to bet on two games. As a result, many Canadian sports bettors turn to sportsbooks operating in foreign countries or to illegal sportsbooks, and it is hoped that the new bill will bring the profits back to Canada.

David Lametti, the Justice Minister, said, “As Canadians work hard to restore our economy from the pandemic, it is more necessary than ever that these benefits flow to our communities.”

The proposed Bill C-13, known as An Act to amend the Criminal Code (single-event sports betting), will change the Criminal Code in order to allow Canadians to place bets at events such as the Gray Cup. Each province and territory will have the power to establish and regulate betting in its territory.

The goal of the legislation is simple: it is to bring a common practice out of the shadows and into the open. To make it legal, regulated and safe.

David LamettiMinister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

The Canadian Gaming Association has said that roughly $14 billion of profits are currently being lost each year.It is thought that the vast majority, around $10 billion, is going to organized crime within the country, while the rest is going abroad.

This is not the first time this year that such a bill has been tabled. In February, the NDP and Conservative MPs cooperated to put forward a private member’s piece of legislation that would have had the same effect. However, when Parliament was prorogued in August, the bill went with it. Overall, this is the fourth such bill to be tabled.

Nonetheless, there is now confidence that the new bill will pass into law before the next federal election.

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