Albertsons Grocery Stores in Nevada to Introduce Slot Machines

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In a move that might surprise newcomers and visitors, 30 Albertsons grocery stores in Nevada are gearing up to install slot machines.

This phenomenon, unique to the state, is a familiar sight for longtime Nevadans, who are accustomed to seeing a bank of slot machines nestled among grocery store aisles, juxtaposed with fresh produce.

Recently, the Nevada Gaming Control Board recommended the approval of Albertsons' licensing with Jett Gaming LLC, operating as Terrible's Gaming. Jett Gaming will serve as the slot-route operator, responsible for maintaining and servicing the 450 machines that will be installed across the 30 Albertsons locations. Since the change in route providers was the only modification to the existing licenses held by the stores, the proposal was considered routine and quickly approved with a unanimous vote.

Final approval for the licensing is scheduled to be considered by the Nevada Gaming Commission on June 22.

Notably, representatives from the Boise, Idaho-based supermarket chain were absent from the proceedings, and inquiries regarding the motive behind the change went unanswered. Albertsons had negotiated an agreement with Jett Gaming to serve as the slot-route operator.

However, due to the switch in route providers, Albertsons was required to provide schematic illustrations showcasing the technology implemented to prevent illegal play, including underage gambling by customers below the legal age of 21.

The request from Albertsons involves obtaining 30 separate "restricted" licenses, which means that the operator will be limited to offering a maximum of 15 machines per location. Slot-route operations are a common feature in convenience stores, restaurants, taverns, and grocery stores, whereby licensed expert companies are contracted to service slot machines across multiple establishments. Kirk Hendrick, Chairman of the Control Board, assured customers that they would not notice any difference in the operation of the Albertsons slot machines.

While the presence of slot machines in grocery stores may seem peculiar to some, it reflects the distinctive gaming culture of Nevada. Gambling regulations and the progressive approach by the state to gambling have created an environment where slot machines can be found in unexpected locations, including grocery stores.

For Albertsons, the addition of slot machines could provide an additional source of entertainment and engagement for customers, potentially driving foot traffic and increasing revenue.

As the approval process continues and the Nevada Gaming Commission considers the final decision, it remains to be seen how the local community will respond to the introduction of slot machines in Albertsons stores. However, this unconventional collaboration between a grocery store chain and a gaming operator serves as a testament to the diverse and ever-evolving nature of Nevada's entertainment landscape.

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