Cordish Wins Again in Latest Virginia Casino Competition

Should Petersburg become the latest casino host in Virginia, Cordish Companies is back on top as the preferred developer. The Petersburg City Council selected it in a vote on Wednesday, the second time the company was chosen in the long-running and controversial effort to add another casino to Virginia's gaming landscape.

The Pratt Street Power Plant in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, home to the headquarters of The Cordish Companies. (Source: The Cordish Companies)

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The Petersburg City Council's decision to select The Cordish Companies as the potential developer for a new casino marks a significant step towards economic revitalization for the city. This Baltimore-based firm could bring a much-needed boost to Petersburg's economy.

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Amidst the anticipation of new job opportunities and increased revenue, the selection process has not been without its controversies. Cordish, which developed the Live! Casino & Hotel in Maryland and properties in other states, faced competition from casino operators like Bally's, Rush Street Gaming and Penn Entertainment,

The abrupt nature of the council's decision, with no prior indication of such a significant vote on the agenda, has sparked discussions about transparency and public engagement in the city's decision-making processes. Nevertheless, the potential economic benefits of a casino development by a seasoned developer like Cordish Companies could be substantial.

The Cordish Companies' proposal, which envisions a $1.4 billion developmentover 15 years, promises to be a transformative project for Petersburg. The proposed casino project would be a comprehensive entertainment complex, encompassing not just gaming facilities but also a hotel and event center.

However, the project's success hinges on several factors, including the approval of a referendum allowing the city to proceed with the casino. The legislative landscape has been dynamic, with recent changes facilitating Petersburg's eligibility to host such a development. The involvement of state leaders and the General Assembly has added layers of complexity to the process, reflecting the high stakes associated with this potential economic catalyst.

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Cordish Promises a Transformative Development

The establishment of a casino by The Cordish Companies in Petersburg could herald a multitude of potential benefits for the city. Primarily, it is expected to generate significant economic activity through the creation of new jobs, both during the construction phase and ongoing operations, which can reduce unemployment rates and stimulate local businesses. The casino is also anticipated to attract more tourists to the area, leading to increased spending in the area, and benefiting hotels, restaurants and retail establishments.

Moreover, the casino could become a source of substantial tax revenue for Petersburg, providing funds that could be allocated towards public services such as education, infrastructure, and healthcare. This financial injection could be instrumental in revitalizing the city's economy, which has been struggling.

Additionally, the plans for a hotel and event center could make Petersburg a destination for conferences and events, further diversifying the city's economy and providing more stable, year-round income. The development is also likely to enhance the city's cultural landscape, offering residents new forms of entertainment and social venues.


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