Entain Seeks Out Opinion of Consumers on Re-Regulation

The former GVC Holdings, which now goes by the company name of Entain (LON: ENT), is seeking out assistance from its players with regard to government regulation. Additional information is requested of the players as to how they perceive problem gambling and what solutions they believe would work in solving these issues.

Genuine feedback has been requested from players that participate in betting across Entain’s range of brands. These include Ladbrokes, Coral and Gala Bingo. There is no specific reward offered, which will ensure that every single participant is actively providing their responses out of their own free will.

Rather than this just being some mere chat box for those players to air their views, though, Entain is going beyond this. Instead, a platform is being set up so that the gamblers can pitch their suggestions in direct communication with policymakers. From there, the pros and cons of each suggestion will be weighed up and potentially introduced as part of the re-regulation of the UK gambling industry.

The UK’s 2005 Gambling Act is currently under review, and many changes are expected to occur. How this will affect the current gambling climate in the country remains to be seen. The likelihood is that some changes will be welcomed while others will receive a negative feedback. That being said, many businesses within the sector have stated that they are facing quite the existential threat to jobs.


As things stand at the moment, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has plans in mind to increase fees to 55% for all remote gambling businesses. That is set to be introduced in October 2021. An additional 15% renewal fee increase for all land-based establishments is also expected to be brought into effect in April 2022.

Even though this is the case, Entain is fully behind regulated markets, and it has plans to remain active in all major jurisdictions where gambling is legal. At the same time, the company looks to phase out all operations from within grey areas. Entain has stated that it is only interested in supporting the process of re-regulation, and to do this, it wants to provide lawmakers with information gathered by players who are actually active in gambling.

Grainne Hurst Entain Corporate Affairs Director

Betting and gambling is a popular pastime for many people, yet the individuals who take part in it regularly and recreationally are rarely asked their opinion.

Grainne HurstEntain Corporate Affairs Director