iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 to Discuss Georgia’s Thriving Industry

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Georgia's iGaming industry is rapidly emerging as a dynamic and lucrative market, with astounding annual growth rates of 7.6% and an impressive average revenue per user of $360.50 in online casinos.

This remarkable growth, coupled with Georgia's favorable business environment, a booming tech industry, and its strategic location as a gateway to both eastern and western markets, makes it an enticing hotspot for new entrants looking to explore the iGaming landscape. In 2023, the iGaming Crossroads Summit will provide the perfect platform to dive into this thriving industry.

The iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 offers an exciting opportunity to explore a wide array of iGaming topics featuring insights from specialists in various gaming fields. This two-day event promises to be an enriching experience for anyone interested in the iGaming industry.

Day One Highlights

Day one of the summit kicks off with a keynote address by George Mamulaishvili, Head of Administration at the Georgian Gambling Association, who will discuss "Georgian Gambling Regulations: What's New, What's Next, and How It Impacts Businesses." This session will shed light on the evolving regulatory landscape in Georgia and its implications for the iGaming sector.

A panel discussion featuring Baki Lortkipanidze, Valerian Chanchibadze, Vakhtang Mdivani, and Göktuğ Boğaç ÖGEL will focus on "Ensuring Longevity: Sustaining Your Brand in the Gaming Sector." The panelists will share strategies for building and maintaining a strong brand presence in the competitive iGaming industry.

Göktuğ Boğaç ÖGEL will also present "Strategies for iGaming Companies in the AI-Driven Era," offering valuable insights into harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in the iGaming sector.

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Day Two Highlights

The second day of the summit features a keynote address by Lev Bass, CBDO & Co-founder of Huntli.io, who will discuss "Compliance and Proactive Risk Management in Online Betting and Gambling." This presentation is essential for understanding the importance of compliance and risk management in the gambling industry.

Goga Surguladze, Chief Product Officer & Product Data Scientist at MSc, will present "Leveraging the Power of AI and Data Science in iGaming." This session will delve deeper into the transformative potential of AI and data science in enhancing iGaming operations.

A panel discussion with experts like Mikheil Didebulidze, Prof. Dr. Dean Rakic, Eralp Hatipoglu, and Lev Bass will explore "Shaping the Future of Crypto in the iGaming Industry: Key Trends to Watch." As cryptocurrency gambling gains prominence in the sector, this discussion is particularly timely.

Meet Strategic Partners, Sponsors & Exhibitors

The iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 receives invaluable support from leading companies. Strategic partners like Elite Executive, NascentEdge, and NovaMotus Consultancy enhance the event's global presence. Sponsors and exhibitors, including EI Networking, Aviatrix, and many others, further elevate the summit's profile.

The contributions of these market leaders play a pivotal role in the success of the iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023, and their involvement is greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, Georgia's iGaming industry is flourishing, and the iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 promises to be a pivotal event for industry players and enthusiasts alike. With an impressive lineup of speakers, insightful discussions, and the support of key partners and sponsors, this summit is poised to drive innovation and growth in the thriving iGaming landscape.

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