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Three Gamblers Defend against Armed Robbers in Dramatic Standoff

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In an unexpected turn of events, a group of Vietnamese men gambling in a garage in Tacoma, Washington, found themselves in a life-threatening situation when two armed robbers attempted to stick up their card game. What followed was a wild and courageous moment captured on surveillance video.

The incident unfolded at a residence on Alaska Street in Tacoma. Surveillance footage reveals two individuals, dressed in hoodies, entering the garage with one of them brandishing a firearm. They immediately pointed the gun at the trio of gamblers who were seated behind a table adorned with chips, cards, and a game board.

One of the robbers shouted, 'Freeze,' prompting the startled gamblers to respond with pleas of 'Don't shoot! Don't shoot!' As one of the gamblers raised his hands partway in the air, another defiantly uttered, 'What the f**k, man?' The armed assailants demanded the men hand over their phones, keys, and money. As one of the gamblers began to empty his jacket pockets, one of the armed robbers waved his gun in the air and struck one of the gamblers on the head.

Amidst the robbers' orders to 'Hurry up!' and 'Move,' a violent brawl ensued. One of the victims later shared that one of his fellow gamblers was his uncle and claimed that there were two other individuals involved who were waiting in a getaway car outside.

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Bravery amid Chaos

"There were 3-4 robbers involved in this crime. In the video, you can only see 2 of them inside while the others are waiting in a car outside. Because of the camera angle, they aren't visible on the street," they explained. "What happened next is that after my uncles confronted the 2 robbers inside, one of them in the car intentionally hit one of my uncle's cars in front of the garage to create chaos. Then, they all jumped on the car and fled. Two of them have already been arrested," they added.

At this time, the names of the assailants and whether the police have made any arrests remain unclear.

The video of this remarkable incident was shared on Instagram and has garnered more than 26,000 likes. Many viewers commended the gamblers for their bravery in defending themselves, while others found humor in the unexpected turn of events.

One commenter jokingly requested, "PowerPHO... Award Winning...Part 3 PLEASE," while another speculated, "That one uncle that attacked first was on a losing streak," adding, "Dude would rather risk dying than returning home and telling his wife he lost it all."

In the face of adversity, these Vietnamese gamblers displayed remarkable reaction times and courage. Before the attempted robbery, they had been enjoying pizza and spirits, with one person humorously remarking, "I think the Henny gave these Viet brothers extra strength and bravery that night."

This incident serves as a testament to the unexpected heroism that can emerge when faced with adversity, even during a seemingly routine card game in a garage.

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