Illinois Passes New Gambling Regulation

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Illinois is set to bring in major changes to its betting laws. It looks likely that two bills focused on problem gambling and in-state college betting will be passed, SB 0089 and SB 1508.

The bills, which are likely headed to Gov. J.B. Pritzker, are designed to reduce rates of problem gambling in the state and clarify the situation regarding in-state college betting. Illinois is not the only state updating its laws. A number of others are looking at regulation to aid problem gambling.

For example, in New Jersey, a bill is trying to ensure that anyone underage caught at a gambling venue is sent for treatment rather than punishment. The bill, SB 1508, has made it out of the House and the Senate, and it will be up to Gov. Pritzker whether it is enacted.

In Illinois, the proposed change would require bookmakers to show customers notifications every hour, including information about how much they have spent. The bill was inspired by problem gambling AI-powered technology used in other jurisdictions to provide real-time updates to customers on their spending.

The bill was voted with a 2:1 majority in each house. It is widely seen as a positive change to the gambling laws in the state. The second bill, SB 0089, relates to college teams. The bill has passed, and it gives lawmakers an additional year with which to decide what direction they wish to take the laws.

Results of Gambling Law Updates

Overall, the passing of these gambling regulation bills in Illinois is expected to bring about positive changes. By targeting problem gambling, clarifying in-state college betting, and aligning with similar efforts in other states, Illinois is taking steps to promote responsible gambling practices and protect individuals who engage in gambling activities.

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