Launches Service to Buy Lottery Tickets in 3 New States has launched into 3 new US states, New York, Texas, and Colorado, allowing players to buy state lottery tickets online., a digital platform for ordering lottery tickets, also operates in the state of New Jersey meaning it now operates in 4 states in North America. This launch comes on the back of the interest generated by the recent billion-dollar jackpot in the USA.

Players can purchase tickets online and don’t require an app or any type of deposit. There are several games available for players to choose from at, including the popular Powerball and Mega Millions.

A chain of convenience stores called the Players Café has been developed by, in conjunction with small local businesses, allowing players to buy lottery tickets and a wide range of products including coffee, snacks, and gifts.

The Players Café already has stores located in the states where they operate, including, Manhattan, Edgewater, and Cedar Park. has also indicated that they plan future expansion into other states before the end of the year.

Given the current lottery frenzy with the billion-dollar Mega Millions® jackpot, this expansion comes at the perfect time, The opportunity to launch three new states this year is a milestone we’re incredibly proud of. We see an immense opportunity to connect with new lottery players, both virtually and in-person, across New York, Texas and Colorado. 2022 is by no means over, and we expect to launch in additional states before the end of the year!

Thomas MetzgerCEO of Inc