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Maarten Haijer's Vision - Transforming the Gambling Industry through Sustainability and Collaboration

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Maarten Haijer, the Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), has recently emphasized the significance of sustainable practices in transforming the gambling industry.

Reflecting upon the organization's activities over the past year, Haijer is confident in the progress made towards a more sustainable industry, showcased in EGBA’s annual Sustainability Report for 2022/23.

Over the past year, EGBA members have been intensifying their efforts to foster sustainability. They have been investing in the communities in which they operate, ensuring safer gambling experiences, and contributing positively towards the overall well-being of these communities.

The EGBA itself has seen its work yield substantial results, including political support for common European standards on markers of online gambling harm and the introduction of new industry guidelines on anti-money laundering.

Collaboration the Key to Success

The EGBA's initiatives aim to promote responsible gambling and cooperation across the industry. Haijer believes that collaboration is the key to ensuring a positive, long-term future for the industry. In the past year, the EGBA convened 24 national and pan-national trade bodies to work on significant joint industry actions like the successful delivery of the 2022 European Safer Gambling Week.

Haijer also stressed that for the gambling industry to mature, it must actively address the behaviors of operators who undermine the industry’s credibility by failing to uphold societal norms. He challenged these operators to adjust to the changing gaming regulations and political landscapes, replacing accusations of “overregulation” with self-reflection and collaboration.

Despite the progress made, Haijer understands that the journey toward a sustainable iGaming industry is a long one and requires commitment from the highest leadership levels. He expressed gratitude for the support of EGBA member companies' CEOs, who have personally pledged their commitment to sustainable practices in a joint letter.

Sustainability to Remain in Focus

Looking ahead, Haijer confirms that sustainability will remain a top priority on the industry’s agenda. He also advocates for increased engagement, responsibility, and cooperation among stakeholders both within and outside the industry. He encourages everyone to explore this year’s sustainability report to understand the steps that EGBA and its members are taking toward a more sustainable future for the gambling industry.

This article underscores Maarten Haijer's commitment to fostering a sustainable gambling industry, outlining his vision for a future that puts cooperation and sustainability at the forefront. It challenges stakeholders across the industry to join EGBA's journey towards creating a more responsible and sustainable future for the gambling industry.

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