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MGM Resorts Update Their Video and Photo Policies for an Enhanced Guest Experience

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In a move to embrace the evolving digital landscape and cater to the desires of its guests, MGM Resorts has announced the implementation of updated video and photo policies across its properties in Las Vegas.

These changes are aimed at enhancing the overall guest experience by allowing them to capture and share their moments of excitement while respecting privacy and maintaining a safe environment.

Under the new policies, guests are now permitted to take photos and short video clips of their own slot play using their personal devices. This allows individuals to capture their winning moments and share them with friends and family. However, it is important to note that these visual recordings are intended for personal use only. For live streaming and longer videos of slot play, guests must obtain prior approval.

Similar allowances have been extended to table game players, with the discretion of table games staff permitting the taking of photos and short video clips of their own hands using personal devices. These visual records are also limited to personal use only, and live streaming or extended videos of table gameplay require prior approval.

Guests seated at poker tables are now allowed to take photos of their own play using their personal devices, but like the other game categories, these images must be strictly for personal use. Video recordings, regardless of length, require prior approval, and live streaming is strictly prohibited in the poker room.

However, it's worth noting that guests engaging in activities for distribution purposes, such as vlogging, streaming, or YouTubing, as well as those who require additional equipment like external lights or tripods, must always seek prior approval before recording anywhere within one of the world-famous land-based casinos. For guests interested in obtaining approval for shooting, MGM Resorts has set up a dedicated contact point.

To maintain a harmonious gaming environment, MGM Resorts officials have specified that players are allowed to text as long as it does not disrupt the flow of the game. Additionally, brief phone conversations are permissible if the player is not actively participating in the ongoing round.

The decision to update the video and photo policies stems from a desire to align with the changing landscape of social media and the expectations of guests. Traditionally, strict limitations were imposed on photography and videography in casinos due to concerns over privacy and potential cheating at table games. However, MGM Resorts recognizes the need for adaptation.

In an official statement, MGM Resorts expressed their enthusiasm for accommodating the excitement of their players and striving to create a social media-friendly environment. They emphasized that while they aim to cater to guest preferences, they also prioritize the privacy and safety of all visitors. The updated policies are currently applicable to MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas, but the company is actively working towards implementing similar policies in other markets.

By embracing the evolving digital era and aligning with guest expectations, MGM Resorts is making a bold stride towards creating a more engaging and personalized experience for its visitors. These updated video and photo policies not only encourage guests to capture and share their memorable moments but also underscore the company's commitment to balancing privacy and safety in the modern age of gaming and entertainment.

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