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Minnesota Announces Concerns over College Players Sports Betting

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Stakeholders in college sports in the US state of Minnesota have voiced their concerns over the growth of sports betting among college players as other states face issues.

Sports betting in Minnesota is not legal because, currently, the state does not permit regulated wagering on sports events in the region. However, administrators of college sports in Minnesota acknowledge this may change at a future date and look at other states where sports betting is legal. In particular Iowa, a neighboring state, where following months of investigations several college players were charged with breaching betting rules.

The growth in sports betting in North America has seen rapid expansion since 2019, and now more than 30 states have regulated sports betting.

This has also seen a growth in the number of college students who now enjoy placing a wager on sports events. Following a survey by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), it is estimated that 58% of 18 to 22-year-old students have bet on sporting events.

Proper Player Education Needed

A problem arises when college players begin to wager on sports events, as this is strictly forbidden by the NCAA.

Players in college sports in the US are not permitted to bet on sports and cannot even take part in a small-stake fantasy league competition. The NCAA states that education is the way forward and must raise awareness among college players about the wagering rules regarding players.

The penalty for college players who break these betting rules can be quite severe, with suspension or ultimately exclusion from the college.

People make decisions, and there's consequences for your decisions, but we do everything we can to eliminate the negative consequences and the negative decisions by proactively educating the best we possibly can.

P.J. FleckCoach of Gophers, Indianapolis

Iowa State Charges College Players

In Iowa State around 40 college players have been charged with breaching the gambling regulations.

Included in this number is the promising quarterback at Iowa State, Hunter Dekkers, who has been charged with placing 366 bets that total more than $2,700. The bets were placed online using relative’s accounts and included 26 games involving the player’s American football side Iowa State.

Anytime there is a story — local or national — about gambling and student-athletes, it causes you to pause and reevaluate your educational efforts, It also allows for follow-up educational opportunities to student-athletes and staff.

Kevin GomerDirector of Athletic Compliance for the Gophers

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