NSW Launches Holiday Crackdown on Minors Entering Casinos

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The Liquor & Gaming regulators in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) have announced there will be a crackdown over the festive holiday season to ensure that minors are prevented from entering land-based casinos and hospitality venues in the state.

Gambling legislation in NSW states that minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to make false representations of their age, including using fake IDs. Minors found to have breached these rules may be hit with a fine of $2,200 for each offence.

There are 2 casinos in NSW, The Star Sydney and Crown Sydney, and regulators have added that minors caught in a casino in the state will be banned for a period of one year and have any winnings confiscated. Anyone who enters a casino in the state while banned faces a stiffer punishment of up to one year in prison and a fine of $5,500.

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Casinos Reminded of Their Obligations

The regulators in NSW were also keen to point out that gaming operators in the state also had a duty and social responsibility to ensure that minors should not be allowed on the premises of gambling venues. Casinos need to carry out more than cursory checks on those customers that they suspect of being minors and must carry out a more rigorous assessment of age verification.

Gaming venues in the state also face the potential of penalties and punishment as the regulator can take enforcement actions against gambling locations that fail to stop minors from entering the premises.

If a minor is caught within a casino, we may exclude them from reentering for a period from their 18th birthday, which means they won’t be able to visit until they’re at least 19. They may be issued with a fine, Minors will also not be allowed to keep any winnings from gambling and will leave empty-handed. We have also reminded the casino operators of their obligations to prevent minors from entering casinos including by ensuring that casino staff are checking IDs where necessary.

Jane LinExecutive Director Regulatory Operations at Liquor & Gaming NSW

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