Research Reveals Influencers Make Gambling Appeal to the Young

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The Australian Research Council has funded a research report into the effect that celebrities and influencers who promote gambling advertisements have on children. The findings from the research show that casino influencers have the effect of normalizing gambling among the young.

When surveyed, children were asked how they felt when viewing gambling promotions featuring celebrities and influencers, and they listed words such as safe, normal, attractive, and fun. They also said that adverts containing celebrities were more likely to make them consider gambling.

One of the main criticisms of influencers who promote gambling products is that the advertisements do not show a downside to gambling and do not give a balanced view.

They were concerned that young people would look up to these celebrities and make them believe that gambling was a normal thing to do. They believed this content often only depicted the positives about gambling and didn’t show the true harms that people could experience.

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Federal Government Considers Inquiry Recommendations

The Australian Research Council states they believe the findings from the research study show that there should be restrictions placed on gambling advertisements so that they do not target young adults.

A parliamentary inquiry into online gambling chaired by Labor MP Peta Murphy came up with a list of recommendations. These included prohibiting gambling advertisements and being critical of celebrities' endorsements of gambling services. The federal government has indicated that it is considering the recommendations set out in the inquiry.

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