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Slots More Popular than Sports Betting in Ohio

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Ever since its introduction in January, the legalization of sports betting has captured significant attention in Ohio. Nevertheless, when it comes to the total wagered amount, slot machines have taken the lead as the preferred gambling method in the state. Ohioans have gambled $3.8 billion on sports in six months but $12.4 billion on slot machines, according to Casino Control and Lottery commissions.

Complications in Comparison

After over a decade of casinos and racinos, Ohio is halfway through its first year of sports betting, so comparisons via statistics can be made. Because customers can re-wager their earnings and promotional credits, numbers for sports and slots can get tricky. Regardless, Revenue represents the funds that gambling establishments retain after settling payouts for successful bets.

In the realms of both slot machines and sports books, the monetary value of bets placed does not precisely correspond to the actual expenditure by Ohioans partaking in gambling activities. In cases where a player secures winnings and reinvests them in a subsequent wager, this sum is tallied once more. Promotional credits are also included in the calculations.

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Sports bets may take longer to pay out, while slot machines operate similarly but faster. However, Slot players enjoy many rather modest victories. One could accumulate 50 cents in one instance, perhaps a dollar in another.

According to Jessica Franks, representative of the Ohio Casino Control Commission, determining the exact distinction between the money inserted into the machines and the bets placed using winnings is a complex task. While gambling establishments, racetrack casinos, and sports betting firms might possess information about the genuine cash input into machines, disclosing these figures is not obligatory.

The Math behind Table Games

Franks clarified that when a table becomes operational, it is initially supplied with a designated quantity of chips. These chips are later swapped for cash by the dealer. At the end of the table's operation, the casino conducts a tally of the remaining cash and chips on the table.

It functions fundamentally like a cash register. People can move their chips from table to table or convert them back into cash. However, they are collectively accounted for.

Citizens of Ohio wagered a total of $608 million while participating in table games across the state's four casinos. Meanwhile, in 2023 thus far, these table games have contributed $147 million in Revenue.

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