UKGC and Facebook Act Together against Illegal Lotteries

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has found through a cross-agency investigation that some illegal lotteries were operating on Facebook and had promptly shut them down through the aid of the social media giant and other UK law enforcement bodies.

According to the investigation, hundreds of individuals were partaking in these daily lottery deals on Facebook, making it difficult to pinpoint the original culprits. However, after partnering with Facebook, two illegal lottery operators have been identified and removed from the lottery-associated Facebook groups.

It was also detected that the "winners" of the illegal lottery games were the individuals running the illegal business. Attractions like cash prices, clothing, children's toys, and the likes were perks used by the lottery operators to lure innocent individuals into investing in the business.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has made a commitment to fish out the rest of the lottery criminals even if it takes them the whole year. Active investigations are being made to find more leading individuals involved in the illegal gambling act