Veikkaus Extends Gambling Controls to Physical Machines

Veikkaus, the Finnish gambling monopoly, has said that it will be extending its gambling loss limits program to physical slot machines. This means that players will have to set a maximum loss amount before they can play.

Last year, Veikkaus was forced to introduce the measure online after a decree from the Finnish Ministry of the Interior that was designed to limit players’ losses during the coronavirus pandemic. At first, the measure was considered temporary; however, it was then extended a number of times, and in June this year, the government made it permanent.

Players are now limited to losing €500 each day when playing online casino games with Veikkaus and €2,000 each month. According to Veikkaus, the same rules will now be applied to physical slot machines across the country.

Anyone who wishes to play on the machines must first authenticate himself or herself. They must then choose a loss limit, which will be the same as when playing online, ranging from between €1 and €500 a day and €1 and €2,000 per month.

Susanna Saikkonen Veikkaus Sustainability Vice President

This is a major step on our sustainability journey, the destination of which is to enable our customers to engage in gaming that is even safer than before. We are offering the players a more comprehensive set of tools with which they can control their gaming. We want to be a trailblazer of responsible gaming, showing the way to others. Responsible gaming also has major impacts on the economy. We have estimated that the responsibility measures we take reduce our return to the state by €300m annually.

Susanna SaikkonenVeikkaus Sustainability Vice President

According to Veikkaus, physical slot machine gaming in Finland has fallen by 30% since January. The operator believes that this is due to a 40% reduction in the number of machines it operates compared to the start of 2020, as well as the introduction of new authentication rules and safer gambling control tools.

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