Ads Rules Breach - ASA Scolds Jumpman Gaming & Ladbrokes

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The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld its complaints against Jumpman Gaming and Ladbrokes over their ads considered to be potentially encouraging harmful gambling behavior.

Earlier in the year, the advertising watchdog had raised concerns about the message on Jumpman’s site whenever people attempt to leave the site. When an individual attempts to exit, the website opens a tab featuring a camera symbol and the words ‘Hey! Come Back!’

In its defense, Jumpman stated the feature can only be seen by users on desktops, and about 5 percent of its customers access its site through desktops.

The operator also added that they didn’t see the difference between the message and having the website name and logo on the tab. Also, the message didn’t feature any specific call to action.

Additionally, the company noted that the message was completely generic, did not target any specific customers, and neither portrayed, condoned, or encouraged any gambling behavior that was socially irresponsible or could lead to financial, social, or emotional harm.

ASA Come Back and Verdict

ASA countered Jumpman Gaming by saying that the wording in the ad was made intending to be a call to action that would “strongly” encourage consumers to return.

The ASA noted, “We also considered that particularly in the case of people who had a gambling problem or were recovering gambling addicts, the message could exploit the susceptibilities of vulnerable people. We did not consider that the potential impact of such messaging was any less harmful because it only appeared on devices in certain circumstances, for a section of Lights Camera Bingo’s customer base.”

ASA, therefore, ruled that the ad should be removed and must not appear again in that form. It also reminded Jumpman Gaming to ensure that its future communications should encourage responsible gambling and avoid such wording that could lead to financial, social, or emotional harm or exploit the susceptibilities of vulnerable people.

In related news, The ASA has taken action against a pair of Ladbrokes tweets for potentially having appeal to under-18s.

The first tweet featured Eddie Howe, while the second featured various Premier League managers next to a “leave odds” message.

However, the operator responded that the first tweet was editorial and featured no calls to action, promotional offers, or links directing consumers where they could place bets.

Ladbrokes also pointed to the data showing that of the 22,182 impressions gained by the tweet, zero percent of the targeted audience was under 25 years of age.

The ASA ruled that the ads would likely appeal strongly to under-18s, with the second commercial tweet containing images “contrary to their guidance and standard procedure for commercially oriented content.” It concluded that Ladbrokes must not feature the ads in their current form and desist from using people or characters that appeal strongly to under-18s in their future advertising.

This marks the second time that ASA would rule against Ladbrokes’ tweets this month. The first was last week when the operator was ordered to remove a tweet featuring Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

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