Aristotle Integrity Integrates Incode Verification into Its Solution

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Incode Technologies, the identity verification provider, has announced a partnership with Aristotle Integrity, which sees both parties launch a new integrity solution to the gambling sector.

Aristotle Integrity is an industry leader in providing gaming operators bespoke solutions for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), age, and identity verification. Incode and Aristotle has jointly offered an Integrity AutoDoc solution to gaming operators.

We are excited to partner with Incode to offer our customers access to Incode's next-generation ID verification technology for enhanced speed and ease of use across a variety of sectors. We're thrilled to equip our customers with better, more robust capabilities that promote privacy and simplify the user experience.

Michael BolcerekSVP of Business Development at Aristotle

Aristotle Integrity AutoDoc Platform

The new Aristotle Integrity AutoDoc Platform is now powered by the Incode verification tools. The integrated service includes KYC checks and high processing of data that will flag suspicious activity, looking for potential money laundering issues. Integrity AutoDoc also now features an integrated age verification checking procedure to ensure only customers of legal age are verified to gamble with gaming and sportsbook operators.

The Integrity AutoDoc authentication solution is present in 22 states in North America, where gambling is now regulated and is the most popular integrity solution among tier 1 gaming opera-tors, and accounts for the majority of integrity transactions in the sector.

The challenges of compliance expenses, data responsibility, and the rise of age verification concerns underscore the difficulties legacy identity systems pose for iGaming and gambling, Now Aristotle is powering AutoDoc with Incode's global, end-to-end identity orchestration offerings to enable seamless attestation that protects against fraud and underaged gambling and gaming without needlessly giving away PPI.

Ricardo AmperCEO and Founder of Incode

Incode's Passive Liveness Detection

Part of the collaboration between Incode Technologies and Aristotle Integrity sees Incode add its Passive Liveness Detection service to the platform. This allows the platform to check customer's details and verify whether their details represent a real person and identify fraudulent data and fake details.

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The updated Integrity AutoDoc solution incorporates Incode's fully automated end-to-end authentication technology, which can process sensitive personal data and validate player details at high speeds. This allows gaming operators to offer their customers a quick and almost seamless authentication process.

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