Coljuegos Makes Bid to Regulate Gambling Advertising in Colombia

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Colombia's gaming regulatory body, Coljuegos, has proposed a bill that, if approved, would see it become the nation's gambling advertising regulator.

The bill, presented to Colombia's federal government, seeks to make Coljuego the governing body responsible for overseeing gambling advertising, sponsorship, and promotional communications in the nation.

According to the bill, gambling advertising should be “clearly identified” through the licensed operator. Ads must clearly display the operator’s name and commercial image and must refrain from using any misleading information.

Furthermore, the bill suggests that operators should only deliver ads to registered users on their platforms. The ads must also feature the phrase “authorized by Coljuegos.” Marketing materials must provide clear information about the game's nature and should not include testimonials and endorsements from previous winners with the operator.

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Limit on Advertising Expenditures

Another important aspect the bill looks into is the amount an operator is expected to invest in advertising. Although the bill didn’t specify figures, it stated that operators are only allowed to invest a certain range of amounts for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

“In the event that an operator exceeds the set range, he or she will be subject to a fine equivalent to up to 100% of the amount exceeded in the investment. The resources obtained from this fine will have the same destination as the resources obtained from exploitation rights.” The bill reads.

Partnership with Sports Teams

The bill also listed rules for operators to follow in their interaction with sports teams. It permitted the two entities to enter into agreements as long as operators didn’t exceed the permitted range of advertising investment. Additionally, Coljuegos will have a list of approved operators that sports teams are permitted to partner with.

Social Media Advertising

Concerning social media ads, operators will only be able to send marketing emails to individuals who have given consent to receive them. The regulator prohibits sending emails to individuals who have voluntarily excluded themselves from gambling or have been identified as displaying "risk behavior.”

Operators must also put mechanics in place to prevent minors from viewing their ads. Like emails, gambling promotions can only target individuals who have indicated an interest in them, with the provision that they can revoke their interest at any time.

This bill, if passed, would give Coljuegos a significant level of authority over the gambling and advertising sectors of Colombia.

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