Continent 8 Technologies Launches Gaming Exchange Private Internet

Continent 8 Technologies, a provider of hosting, connectivity, cloud, and security services to the online gambling industry, has announced the launch of the Gaming Exchange, an innovative private internet.

The Gaming Exchange is designed to be an exclusive community for iGaming businesses. It will allow them to connect faster and communicate more securely than over a standard internet connection, but it does not require any complicated setup.

Continent 8 customers can connect with each other directly over a VPN across the company’s backbone network rather than routing their connections over the public internet. The new service has very low latency; it uses public IPv4 addressing and has an uptime rate of over 99.9%.

The Gaming Exchange offers a high level of security, and it cannot be attacked externally in the way that the standard internet can be. Furthermore, it is protected by Continent 8. This means that members are less likely to suffer from DDoS attacks, which have become extremely common in recent months.

Furthermore, those who use the Gaming Exchange will be able to access the Premium Portal, which is an analytical dashboard with information about traffic flows both within and outside of Continent 8 to gaming partners.

Justin Cosnett - Continent 8 Chief Product Officer

We know that iGaming companies are constantly talking to each other over the internet. The Gaming Exchange is a game-changer for the industry, an exclusive community for organizations to connect on a private, highly secure, and ultra-fast network. As one of the most attacked industries, the level of security that we can provide via the Gaming Exchange offers a highly valuable solution for our customers. It is products such as the Gaming Exchange that help to further establish Continent 8 as the leading managed hosting, connectivity, cloud and security solutions provider to the global gambling industry.

Justin CosnettContinent 8 Chief Product Officer

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