Denmark Announces New Rules for UK Gambling Operators post Brexit

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gaming Authority, has just released new guidelines about how UK-based operators offering services in Denmark will need to adapt post Brexit. The operators will have to follow different rules once the UK is no longer part of the EU.

The regulator said that any operators who are based in countries outside of the EU will first have to appoint a representative if they wish to continue providing online gambling services in the country. This includes all operators based in the UK once the Brexit transition period officially ends on 1 January 20201. The representative must be based within Denmark or another EU country if the Danish Gambling Authority is to accept them.

New rules for gamling operators in Denmark

It seems that the publication from Spillemyndigheden was mainly designed to remind operators who do not already have a representative in Denmark of the rules as the year draws to a close. The new rule will take effect in a few weeks, so operators have very little time left in which to make the required changes if they are to meet the requirements.

Full details of the rules are now available on the Spillemyndigheden website. In general, the country has been tightening its gambling regulations, which has seen revenues drop by 5% year on year. However, it is hoped that enough UK-based operators will elect a representative in order to bring the revenue back to its previous levels.

It is thought that Britain’s departure from the EU will affect the gambling industry in a number of ways. New rules are likely to be brought in right across the EU and operators and affiliates must understand them if they want to be sure that their business can continue running come January.

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