European Gambling Associations Give Backing to Digital Services Act

Three major European associations have formed an alliance to aid in the crackdown on illegal gambling operators within the EU.

The European Lotteries Association (EL), the European Casino Association (ECA), and the World Tote Association (WoTA) have welcomed plans from the European Commission to update the rules governing online gambling.

The three associations, each of which represents licensed gambling within Europe, have released a statement in which they praise the “values of trust, reliability and integrity” within the industry and “support the right of people to enjoy and play in a nationally licensed secure gambling environment.”

European associations have formed an alliance

They have formed an alliance in order to help the fight against illegal online gambling and to advocate for the planned Digital Services Act. The Act is set to include a notice-and-action mechanism that will enable people to notify online intermediaries about illegal online gambling and to help authorities react faster and be more transparent about the action taken.

The alliance says that it is looking “forward to the enforcement and implementation of these measures by the involved stakeholders to protect the interests of all EU citizens.”

At present, many illegal and unlicensed gambling operations are available online to players in the EU, which the alliance believes is “detrimental for consumers and state budgets”. In the statement, they go on to list many of the problems associated with unlicensed gambling operators, such as the lack of consumer protection, the lack of social protection, the lack of tax revenues, and so on.

Between the three organizations in the alliance, they represent more than 150 operators within Europe who collectively contribute more than €35 billion annually to state budgets and good causes. Furthermore, they employ close to 1 million people who work in the licensed and regulated gambling industry.

In a rallying cry, the alliance said that it calls “on everyone to support our members, to enable this significant contribution to the benefit of society to continue.”

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