French Authorities Make Self-Exclusion from Gambling Easier

Recent changes to the way self-exclusion from gambling is handled have made it easier for French players to block access to gambling products. The process can now be carried out online and quickly arranged.

The changes came into force from the end of 2020 when control of the self-exclusion process and file was handed over from the Ministry of the Interior to the French Gambling Authority (ANJ).

As part of this move, the process has been simplified too. In the past, players who wanted to be excluded from gambling sites had to visit a police station to register their names on this file. This led to delays of over a month, and is thought to have put some people off the idea of registering.

Now, French gamblers who need a break can carry out the full self-exclusion process over the internet. The player needs to enter the registration site and complete their details, although they also have the option of sending a letter if preferred.

The ANJ then phone the player to confirm their identity, followed by sending out a letter confirming their registration on the self-exclusion file. Overall, it should now take just two weeks to register in this way.

More About Gambling Self-Exclusion

The players can no longer have access to casinos

The effect of registering for self-exclusion in France is that the player can no longer access the likes of casino or sports betting operators. It is valid for three years, after which time the gambler can ask to be taken off the list if they feel that they no longer need this form of protection.

At the present time, over 38,000 French players are registered for self-exclusion purposes. It is a process that anyone can decide to carry out at any time. Mario Blaise, who is a psychiatrist and ANJ member, pointed out that “reducing access to the gambling offer” in an easy way is crucial in helping players with issues.

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