iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 - Networking and Horizons in the Thriving Georgian Market

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The iGaming industry is thriving in Eastern Europe, and one country that stands out as a hotbed of activity is Georgia.

With its established online casino and sports betting industry, Georgia has become a sought-after market for iGaming companies. Innovative companies like SmartSoft, CrystalBet, Crocobet, and Adjarabet have made their mark in this burgeoning industry. Not only does Georgia offer a strong player base, but European operators are also looking to tap into innovative Georgian products and bring them to their own markets.

Despite its relatively small population of 3.7 million, Georgia boasts a flourishing gaming and sports betting industry. More than 10,000 people are employed in this sector, and the average revenue per user for a live casino is an impressive $360.50. The number of active online casino players is projected to surpass 30,400 by 2027, and the market has been growing at an impressive rate of 7.6%. Moreover, Georgia's population and government are embracing Web3 technology and cryptocurrency, making it an attractive destination for iGaming enthusiasts.

iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 – Networking and Trends

To showcase the immense potential of the Georgian iGaming industry, the iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 is set to take place. This two-day summit provides international players with unparalleled access to the thriving iGaming markets at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the innovative iGaming products and solutions developed by the dynamic Georgian development community.

The iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 serves as a gateway to lucrative opportunities in the industry. It is a hub for networking and forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders, enabling attendees to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving iGaming landscape. By participating in this summit, industry professionals and enthusiasts can gain valuable insights, discover new trends, and seize the chance to establish themselves in this rapidly growing market.

A range of key topics will be covered during the summit, including new regulatory changes in Georgia and surrounding regions. Participants will also delve into strategies for creating brand loyalty across Eurasia, exploring product development strategies for player retention. Understanding the importance of creating games that resonate with local and international audiences will be another focal point. Additionally, the future of cryptocurrency payments in Georgia and beyond will be discussed, providing attendees with valuable insights into the role of digital currencies in the iGaming industry.

An iGaming Event to Behold

The iGaming Crossroads Summit 2023 promises to be an enlightening and enriching experience for all participants. It is an opportunity to connect with industry experts, gain a deeper understanding of the Georgian iGaming landscape, and explore the possibilities for business expansion and collaboration. As the Eurasian iGaming scene takes the global stage, this summit is a must-attend event for anyone looking to make their mark in this dynamic and lucrative industry.

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