Ireland’s Labour Party Looking for a Ban on All Gambling Advertisements

The Labour Party of Ireland is looking to introduce a ban on all gambling advertisements. While the party did concede that some sort of conversation over it should be had with regard to the impact that could have on the sports industry, it is something that the group is anxious to bring in.

Irish Labour Party wants to ban all gambling advertising

Betting companies are, of course, large spenders when it comes to sports sponsorship and broadcasting. There is little doubt that should they make an exit from the market, then money would likely drain away at the same time. That would be a funding hole that would need to be filled back up.

Even though this is the case, Senator Mark Wall, who is responsible for introducing the new Gambling (Prohibition of Gambling) Bill 2021, believes that the likely funding gap could be addressed. Where sports betting companies would exit, Wall believes that other companies will be only too happy to take their place. His reasoning for this? Similar moves from the past.

When curbs were introduced in Ireland on both tobacco and alcohol advertising, other businesses did come forward to provide certain forms of funding.

Speaking of the new gambling bill and intentions for advertising, Wall said that a public health concern can never be justified by the amount of money that may come from it. However, he did state that a conversation must be had over sports sponsorship and funding.

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