Lottery Operators in Ireland Feel Gambling Advert Ban Is Unfair

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Lottery operators in Ireland have complained that proposed changes banning gambling advertisements during the day in the jurisdiction are unfair because the National Lottery is exempt from the ban.

The changes put forward in the new Gambling Bill by the Irish Government mean that advertisements promoting gambling activities between 5.30 am and 9 pm during the day will be prohibited.

Many charities across Ireland run lotteries and other events that have an element of gambling associated with the event and, under the terms of this deal, will not be able to advertise on any TV or radio platform in the country during these hours.

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National Lottery Exempt due to Good Causes

The reason given for the exemption of the National Lottery in Ireland is that it generates large revenues which are given to good causes. One of the reasons given for the exemption is that the National Lottery is not regulated by the Gambling Bill and is regulated by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Many charities in Ireland agree with the decision to allow the National Lottery to continue the run adverts during the day, however, they feel it unfair to restrict other charities from promoting activities with a gambling element by prohibiting them from advertising during the restricted hours.

I understand the rationale behind allowing the National Lottery to advertise because of the good causes it generates funding for, but it seems unfair for charities or voluntary groups to be restricted when it comes to promoting their own activities,

SpokespersonIrish Charity

Organizers of charity lotteries and councils in Ireland have collaborated to lobby the Law Reform Minister James Browne, expressing they are dissatisfied with the proposed new changes in the Gambling Bill, and they believe the politicians should take another look at the new legislation.

Minister to Meet Broadcasters Group

Government ministers and officials will hold meetings with the organization representing the broadcaster's interest in the country, the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI). The IBI has raised concerns about the new proposals and wants to clarify if the ban applies to all operators and to share with the government the effect the potential loss of revenue will have on their businesses.

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