MGM Resorts Boss and Other Business Leaders Meet with China’s President

In a significant diplomatic and business development, the President of China, Xi Jinping, recently met with top business leaders, including the CEO of MGM Resorts International, Bill Hornbuckle. The meeting took place in Beijing and aimed to strengthen economic ties between China and major international corporations.

During the high-level discussions, according to Chinese media outlet CCTV, President Xi emphasized China's commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with global companies. The meeting provided an opportunity for business leaders to discuss investment opportunities, trade relations, and collaborative initiatives.

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Bill Hornbuckle, representing MGM Resorts, expressed the company's interest in expanding its presence in the Chinese market. MGM Resorts, which owns and operates luxury hotels, casinos and entertainment complexes across the globe, including in Macau and mainland China, sees China as a strategic growth area. The discussions covered potential joint ventures, tourism development and cultural exchanges.

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Other prominent business figures present at the meeting included CEOs from technology, finance and manufacturing sectors. The diverse representation highlighted the broad spectrum of industries seeking to engage with China. Topics ranged from infrastructure projects to sustainable development and innovation.

President Xi emphasized the importance of responsible corporate practices, environmental stewardship, and adherence to local regulations. He encouraged foreign companies to contribute to China's economic growth while respecting its cultural heritage and legal framework.

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Bridging Cultural Gaps

For MGM Resorts, the meeting signaled an opportunity to tap into China's booming tourism industry. With millions of Chinese travelers seeking unique experiences abroad, the company aims to create tailored offerings that resonate with this demographic. Discussions also touched upon potential partnerships with Chinese entertainment companies and artists.

While the meeting primarily focused on business matters, it also served as a platform for cultural exchange. President Xi highlighted China's rich history, artistic traditions, and commitment to global cooperation. Business leaders expressed their admiration for China's achievements and expressed optimism about future collaborations.

Also present for the meeting were representatives from major international companies such as Blackstone Group, Bloomberg, FedEx and Chubb. In addition, the president of the US-China Business Council, Craig Allen, and president of the National Committee on US-China Relations, Stephen Orlins, were in attendance.

As the world grapples with economic challenges and geopolitical complexities, such dialogues between business leaders and heads of state play a crucial role in shaping international relations. The MGM Resorts CEO and other participants left the meeting with a deeper understanding of China's vision for the future and a commitment to explore new avenues of collaboration.


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