National Lottery in Nigeria to Help Fund Education and Create Jobs

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Government ministers in Nigeria have announced that the National Lottery Trust Fund, which receives revenue from the state lottery, will drive a new initiative to create jobs and fund improvements to basic education in the country.

It is proposed this new initiative will see the National Lottery in Nigeria generate millions of extra jobs in the country. Revenue from the Lottery Trust Fund will be funnelled into the education program in the country, and the government is promoting the slogan that no school will be left behind.

I am delighted to inform you that the government will provide the National Lottery Trust Fund and other relevant agencies the necessary support to improve on all policy frameworks re-quired to change the face of the lottery and gaming industry in the country by significantly increas-ing lottery revenue to the government in a bid to make the lottery more productive and beneficial to Nigerians.

Dr. Bello MaigariExecutive Secretary of the National Lottery Trust Fund

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Creating Millions of Jobs

Ministers in the Nigerian Government have stated they want to use the National Lottery in the country as a wealth generator.

And the government boasts the number of jobs created by the lottery will be over 10 million. They acknowledge this figure is optimistic but say it is based on the size of the population in the country, as well as the size of the economy.

There are plans to make changes to the lottery and gambling industry to increase revenues, which will benefit Nigeria and its population.

Gambling regulation authorities in the country also stressed that they would be monitoring retail lottery-licensed organizations to ensure compliance, and operators breaching the rules would face potential sanctions.

Help Fund Education

The Nigerian government has praised the fund for creating the initiative to use lottery revenues to help education in the country by supplying state-of-the-art equipment to students and improving educational achievement in schools.

This is the second phase of revenue for education provided by the National Lottery Trust Fund and all the stakeholders believe this new initiative will build on the platform already laid by the National Lottery.

I commend the National Lottery Trust Fund ably led by the current Executive Secretary and his able Management team by doing excellently well in harnessing resources to facilitate this wonderful initiative. The idea to help jump-start schools by equipping our students with state-of-the-art educational materials for academic excellence and improving the standard of education to international standard is a well-conceived programme.

Dr. Bello MaigariExecutive Secretary of the National Lottery Trust Fund

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