Nevada Casino Data Breach Leads to Payouts for Affected Customers

Crystal Bay Casino has reached a settlement agreement in the class action lawsuit brought against it due to a data breach in 2022. Some customers, depending on their situation, could receive significant compensation.

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The breach, which was disclosed to the public in February 2023, involved unauthorized access to the casino's systems, leading to the potential compromise of sensitive customer information. The lawsuit alleged that Crystal Bay Casino failed to implement adequate cybersecurity measures, which could have prevented the cyberattack. In response to the lawsuit, Crystal Bay Casino has agreed to a $675,000 settlement to resolve the claims without admitting any wrongdoing.

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As part of the settlement, individuals whom Crystal Bay notified that their data was compromised are eligible for compensation. The settlement offers up to $500 for any subsequent fees, such as bank fees and communication charges, related to the breach.

Additionally, affected parties can claim compensation for up to five hours of lost time, reimbursed at $20 per hour. For those who suffered more significant losses, they may be able to claim as much as $10,000 for extraordinary losses, provided they can provide evidence of identity theft or fraud. The fraudulent activity must have taken place between June 1, 2022, and June 4, 2024.

The settlement also includes provisions for credit monitoring services. All class members are entitled to three years of one-bureau credit monitoring services, complete with $1 million in fraud protection. This benefit aims to provide ongoing protection for the affected individuals and mitigate the risk of future identity theft or fraud. The deadline for class members to submit a claim form to receive settlement benefits is June 4, 2024, with the final approval hearing for the settlement scheduled for August 5, 2024.

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Casinos Make Enticing Targets for Hackers

The digital landscape of the casino industry has become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, with notable establishments like MGM and Caesars experiencing significant security breaches. In September 2023, MGM Resorts International faced a formidable cyberattack that disrupted operations across its US properties, including the shutdown of casino floors and hotel systems.

This attack not only affected the company's immediate operations but also posed a substantial financial impact, with estimates suggesting a cost exceeding $100 million. Similarly, Caesars Entertainment reported a cyberattack in August 2023, where a social engineering tactic compromised an outsourced IT support vendor, leading to unauthorized network access and data exfiltration.

These incidents highlight a disturbing trend of increasing cyberattacks on casinos, extending beyond the giants of the industry to smaller establishments. Casinos across Canada, for instance, fell victim to a cyberattack suspected to be orchestrated by Russian state threat actors, resulting in operational shutdowns.

The FBI Cyber Division has even issued warnings about ransomware attacks against tribal entities, indicating the widespread nature of these threats. The consequences of such attacks are far-reaching, affecting not just the financial bottom line but also the privacy and security of millions of customers.

In response to these cyber threats, the casino industry is being forced to re-evaluate its cybersecurity measures. The need for robust security protocols, continuous monitoring, and employee training in recognizing and responding to social engineering tactics has never been more apparent.


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