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Research Shows Markers Pointing to Gambling-Related Harm

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In a recent research article on responsible gaming, Dr. Maris Catania, a safer gambling consultant, has outlined several points that indicate gambling-related harm.

Dr. Catania is a consultant with SG: certified which is a compliance platform that advises gaming operators on meeting their regulatory requirements in the area of responsible gambling. With the rise of live online casinos and internet gambling, Dr. Catania has stated there is a wealth of information available on gambling habits by players, and using large datasets has highlighted a list of markers that can be warning signs for vulnerable players.

Some of the key indicators that gambling may be getting out of control for players are "Playing unusual hours" or "Bonus seeking behavior".

Other markers that highlight potential harm can be "In session deposits" or "declined deposits" that may occur for some gamblers during gameplay. It was also found that vulnerable players may ease responsible gaming settings.

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Gambling and the Tetris Effect

Some experts have likened gambling and its potential harm to the computer game Tetris. When the game Tetris was released in the 1980’s it was so addictive to players that some reported thinking about the game constantly even when they weren’t actually playing the game.

Addiction experts label this phenomenon in gambling where it has an all-consuming effect as The Tetris Effect. Although, it can be hard to detect when a keen interest in gambling may become an unhealthy preoccupation for some players.

Responsible gaming experts believe that if gaming operators use gambling-related harm indicators, they can at least identify players who may be at risk and offer them support if required.

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