River Rock Casino Victims of Money Laundering

It has been announced by the Cullen’s Commission that Former director of anti-money laundering operations Ross Alderson is ready to give evidence regarding the accusations of money laundering on the territory of B.C casinos over the last two decades.

Money laundering on the territory of British Columbia casinos

The current inquiry is being instigated by Commissioner Austin Cullen with the aim of avoiding similar cases in the future, with a final report expected to be published in December of this year.

In a statement by Ross Alderson, he said that he has been employed as a casino investigator at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond since 2011 and that he was initially shocked by the amount of cash which was being gambled by the high roller casino players.

He went on to say that these players would make a phone call from the casino, and vehicles would pull up outside to deliver large packages of cash.

When asked about how much cash was in these packages, Mr Alderson said that he believed the sums would reach as much as CA$500,000.

He also said he had reason to believe that these cash packages originated from criminal activities, but when he tried to stop a money laundering transaction, the general manager of the casino advised him not to intervene as he didn’t have the authority to do so.

Mr Alderson went on to say that after a meeting with BCLC officials Terry Towns and Gord Friesen, he was again told not to question any players at the casino in any way regarding the sources of their playing funds.

Mr Alderson added that in 2014 there were several instances that high rollers from China were frequenting the casino using money obtained from loan sharks who were connected to drug trafficking.

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