SBC Summit North America to Highlight Marketing Trends and Innovations

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The SBC Summit North America is poised to become a pivotal event in the affiliate and marketing landscape, offering a unique platform for industry professionals to navigate the evolving challenges and opportunities in player acquisition, brand building, and customer engagement.

Set to unfold on Wednesday, May 8th, the 'Affiliate & Marketing' track promises a wealth of insights and discussions that are set to redefine the strategies and tactics employed by affiliates to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Navigating the Landscape of Affiliate Marketing

One of the key themes to be explored at the summit is the escalating player acquisition costs faced by affiliates, necessitating a shift towards building player loyalty. Through engaging discussions on content creation strategies, brand building, and the strategic use of big data, attendees will gain invaluable insights into solidifying their position in the market amidst intensifying competition.

The summit will kick off with a thought-provoking panel titled ‘Affiliate Leaders Panel: Building Brands Through Content and Customization’. Esteemed iGaming industry figures such as Andrew Garven, Rome Smith, and Marcos Oliveira will share their expertise on leveraging branding and compelling content to carve out unique affiliate identities, optimize acquisition rates, and forge successful operator partnerships. With Michael Daly moderating the discussion, attendees can expect to glean actionable strategies to elevate their affiliate brands to new heights.

Another highlight of the summit is the panel on ‘Big Data at the Center’, where industry luminaries will delve into the strategic use of big data in deciphering customer behavior across multiple channels. Experts like Gil Bushkin, Zachary Sold, and Elizabeth Lodge will shed light on how affiliates and operators can leverage big data analytics to identify trends in player acquisition and retention, as well as to tailor personalized experiences that drive player engagement and satisfaction.

Furthermore, the summit will delve into the burgeoning influence of alternative affiliate channels such as influencer marketing, streamers, and gambling ambassadors through the panel titled ‘It's an Influencer's World’. Attendees will gain valuable insights from industry pioneers like Kelly Koffler, Josh Duffy, and Jon Della Terza on the distinctive acquisition strategies and content approaches employed by influencers and how traditional affiliates can adapt to capture the interest of the next generation of players.

Exploring Innovative Audience Diversification Strategies

Additionally, the summit will explore innovative approaches to audience diversification through the session panel on ‘Affiliate Diversification’. Experts like Noam Klivitsky, Shmulik Segal, and Max Bichsel will discuss strategies for reaching new audiences while emphasizing the importance of strategic media partnerships in maintaining a strong market presence.

In addition to these insightful discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in dedicated conference tracks covering leadership, sports betting, iGaming, industry & growth, compliance & gambling regulation, and payments & tech, thereby enriching their understanding of the North American market landscape.

With its comprehensive agenda and an esteemed lineup of speakers, the SBC Summit North America is poised to chart new paths in affiliate and marketing success, empowering industry professionals to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and foresight.

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