Suspects Repatriated in Joint Chinese Illegal Gambling Operation

Chinese authorities have announced that a collaboration between China and Cambodia to tackle organized illegal gambling activity in the region has led to the successful repatriation of hundreds of suspects to the country.

China Increases Cooperation to Combat International Gaming Crimes.

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The Ministry of Public Security in China states that police have recently chartered two flights from Cambodia carrying 135 illegal gambling suspects to Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province. This sees the total number of Chinese suspects arrested in Cambodia and returned to China surpass more than six hundred people and marks the last batch of people to be returned during the current operation.

The series of repatriations follows a two-year crackdown on illegal gambling and fraud committed on an international scale by organized gangs in China and the surrounding jurisdictions.

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Cooperation between China and Neighbours a Success

Authorities in China made a concerted effort to collaborate with its neighboring countries to try and tackle gambling crimes and fraud run by organized criminals on an international scale.

Countries involved in these joint operations include Myanmar, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. These operations to combat cross-border illegal gambling scams and fraud have led to the repatriation to China of thousands of suspects. The Chinese authorities acknowledge that international gambling-related crime can only be eradicated through collaboration with other countries in the region.

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The Ministry of Public Security states that operations with countries in the region should be seen as a success and has dealt a blow to organized crime in the region.


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