Sweden Finds the Balance Between Player Protection and Revenue

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Over the last few years, there have been numerous changes in Sweden’s gambling market as the government has introduced regulations designed to improve player protection and responsible gambling.

In recent times, the industry’s revenue has leveled out. However, rather than this being a sign of decay, it just shows a maturing market that is settling down. Gambling operators are still able to make significant profits from the market while adhering to the latest regulations.

According to figures from Sweden’s gaming regulator, Spelinspektionen, in Q1 2023, Swedish-regulated operators reported revenues of SEK6.6 billion ($609.3 million). This is an almost identical figure to Q1 2022; however, it was less than Q4 2022.

The state lottery and slot games saw some growth, reaching SEK1.4 billion, but this was not enough to offset losses from other sectors. Commercial online gambling and betting fell 1% year-on-year to SEK4.2 billion. Games for public purposes fell 6% to SEK812 million, and community games and bingo reached SEK38 million.

While operators are forever seeking growth, all markets eventually stabilize. This is a sign that the market is sustainable in the long term and that regulations are broadly balanced. Sweden remains an attractive and competitive market at the same time as offering players proper protections.

The Swedish regulator is known for working closely with licensed operators in order to be able to respond quickly to any new challenges. New player protection measures are introduced on a regular basis, and while these can affect an operator’s short-term profits, they ensure the market remains sustainable. It also forces operators to attract players through quality products rather than relying on potentially harmful practices.

Implication for Swedish Gambling Market

Sweden's gambling market exemplifies a balanced approach that prioritizes player protection while allowing operators to continue generating significant profits. The ongoing collaboration between regulators and operators demonstrates a commitment to adapt to evolving challenges and maintain a sustainable and responsible gambling environment.