Thousands Apply for Entry into NRA Register for Gambling Addicts in Bulgaria

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Since mid-December 2022, over 7,200 individuals in Bulgaria have applied to be included in the National Revenue Agency's (NRA) register for gambling addicts. The register is intended to help individuals who believe they may have a gambling addiction or are at risk of developing one.

After a two-year break, the NRA resumed maintaining the list of people who believe they have or may develop a gambling addiction. The register is not publicly accessible and can only be accessed by a limited number of employees.

To comply with the requirement not to admit persons entered in the register, the organizers of gambling games declare a connection to it through an electronic service called "Providing a reference for vulnerable persons from the register under Art. 10d, para. 1 of the Gambling Act". This service is available on the NRA e-portal, and organizers must submit an application for access with a qualified electronic signature (KEP), which is confirmed by an NRA employee.

Individuals who feel that they cannot control the time they spend gambling and the funds they spend participating in them can submit a request to be included in the register. The request can be submitted either on-site at the NRA office or by email at [email protected]. If submitted by email, the request must be signed by the KEP. In the request, individuals can specify a particular period for which the entry is to be made, and it cannot be shorter than two years.

The "Responsible Gambling" section on the website of the revenue agency as well as the National Revenue Agency's YouTube channel. Contact can also be made with the Information Center on phones: 0700 18 700 and +359 2 9859 6801, offer more information about the options for entry or deletion from the register. The "Responsible Gambling" section includes tips for responsible gambling and a self-assessment test of players' gambling habits.

In conclusion, the NRA's register for gambling addicts provides individuals who feel they have a gambling addiction with a tool to help them manage their behavior. By providing access to the register only to a limited number of employees and gambling operators, the NRA aims to protect individuals' privacy while still offering assistance to those who need it. The number of applicants in just a few months demonstrates the need for such a service and highlights the importance of responsible gambling practices.

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