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Universal Ban on Gambling Ads Turned Down by Dutch Parliament

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The Dutch House of Representatives (Kamer) has rejected a motion advocating for a 'complete ban on gambling advertising. The proposal was submitted by Derk Boswijk of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party last week. It sought a comprehensive ban on all forms of gambling advertising in the Netherlands.

Although there are existing laws that prohibit advertising through television, radio, print, and public spaces, the Dutch lawmaker believed that the young and the vulnerable are still being exposed to targeted gambling advertisements.

With the motion, Boswijk aimed to amend the Remote Gambling Act (KOA Act) and implement a blanket ban on gambling ads. However, the ban failed to secure sufficient backing from lawmakers, with 70 out of 150 MPs supporting it, falling shy of the required 76 majority.

Lawmakers Approve Overarching Playing Limits

Nevertheless, lawmakers agreed on the need to include ‘overarching playing limits’ in any proposed changes to the KOA Act. As such, ChristenUnie party leader Mirjam Bikker’s proposal to implement overarching playing limits' as a new consumer protection measure for the online gambling market was approved by the House.

Bikker, known for her criticism of existing gambling regulations of the Dutch market, calls for a 'universal loss limit' that will apply to all 27 licensed operators without the option of granting customers an increase.

Franc Weerwind’s Objection

However, Minister for Legal Protections Franc Weerwind shares an opposing view with the proposed mandate. He pointed to the integration of financial risk checks in the forthcoming and approved amendments.

Instead, the minister suggested that the House endorse compulsory monthly financial risk checks for player accounts exceeding €350. He also highlighted that the online gambling regulator plans to implement a loss limit of €150 for individuals aged 24 or younger. Despite Weerwind’s remarks, the House passed Bikker’s mandate through a majority vote.

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