Casino Money Launderer Alvin Chau's Prison Sentence Upheld

In a further blow to his attempt at clemency, the Macau Court of Final Appeal has upheld the prison sentence of prominent casino junket mogul Alvin Chau. It was his last attempt at avoiding the lengthy sentence.

Alvin Chau, the founder and former chairman of Suncity Group, in Macau in 2016. (Source: Getty Images)

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Chau, the former chairman of Suncity Group Holdings Ltd, had been convicted on multiple counts of money laundering and illegal gambling activities. His initial sentence, handed down in January 2023, included an 18-year prison term, a landmark ruling in the special administrative region known for its bustling casino sector.

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Chau's downfall began with his arrest in November 2021, when authorities accused him of orchestrating a vast illegal gambling syndicate that laundered billions of dollars through Macau's casinos. The charges stemmed from Chau's involvement in promoting "proxy betting," a practice where bets are placed by intermediaries on behalf of clients unable to be physically present at the casino. This practice, while banned in many jurisdictions, had flourished under Chau's operations, allowing for substantial sums of money to be moved across borders undetected.

The court's decision to uphold Chau's sentence is seen as a decisive move in Macau's ongoing efforts to clean up its casino industry, which has long been associated with illicit financial activities. Judge Wong Sio Chak, in delivering the ruling, emphasized the severity of Chau's crimes and the extensive network he had built to facilitate these illegal activities. The court found that Chau's actions had not only breached Macau's stringent gambling laws but also posed significant risks to the financial integrity of the region.

Chau's legal team had argued for a reduction in his sentence, citing his cooperation with the authorities during the investigation and his contributions to Macau's economy through his legitimate business ventures. However, the court remained unmoved by these arguments, highlighting the premeditated nature of Chau's crimes and the sophisticated mechanisms he employed to evade detection.

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Continued Scrutiny Continues in Macau

The ruling has garnered widespread attention, both within Macau and internationally, as it underscores the broader crackdown on money laundering and illegal gambling operations linked to the casino sector. Regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies have welcomed the verdict, viewing it as a critical step toward greater transparency and accountability.

The implications of Chau's upheld sentence are likely to reverberate throughout the casino industry, particularly among junket operators who have traditionally played a significant role in bringing high-rolling gamblers to Macau. There were hundreds of junkets sending high-roller gamblers to Macau's casinos just a few years ago; now, there are now less than 20.

Meanwhile, Macau's government has reiterated its commitment to enhancing regulatory oversight and ensuring that the casino industry operates within the bounds of the law. Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong has emphasized that Macau would continue to implement measures aimed at combating money laundering and upholding the integrity of its financial system. These measures include stricter licensing requirements for junket operators and enhanced collaboration with international law enforcement agencies.


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