ESIC and Agree on Anti-Corruption Deal

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has partnered with esports betting operator on a new anti-corruption education campaign.

The agreement will see the betting operator support ESIC with the development of its Anti-Corruption Tutorial, aimed at educating players and stakeholders about ethical behavior in the esports industry.

In addition, will become ESIC’s Tier 1 Anti-Corruption Supporter, contributing to the commission’s goal of creating a fair and secure environment for players and stakeholders.

Over the past few years, has invested a significant amount of effort into the development of esports. We have worked closely with teams and have seen the relevance of creating a safe and fair environment to ensure healthy competition in esports. We are pleased to be working with ESIC, a partner with whom we share a common passion for bringing integrity to esports, and we believe this tutorial will be helpful in achieving this goal.

Dmytro Chief Executive

The partnership comes hot on the heels of ESIC’s first-ever Anti-Cheat agreement with global games protection and anti-piracy technology provider Denuvo. The deal will see the two brands work together to develop a framework to use anti-cheat technology within the esports industry.

Partnerships like this one with are critical to our mission of promoting integrity and preventing corruption in esports. We’re grateful for their support and look forward to working together over the next three years to create a stronger, safer esports industry for all.

Stephen HannaDirector of Global Strategy and Partnership at ESIC