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Nevada Gaming Control Board Warns Casino Employees for Sophisticated Scam

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Nevada's thriving casino industry has recently been hit by a concerning trend of scammers targeting casino cage employees.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued a warning, emphasizing that this issue is not limited to the state but has been observed across the country. These fraudulent individuals are impersonating brick-and-mortar casino executives to manipulate employees into withdrawing cash from the casino cage and transporting the funds off-site for supposed emergency payments on behalf of the casino.

Sophisticated Scam Techniques

According to a memo released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, scammers are employing increasingly sophisticated techniques to carry out their illicit activities. Initially, the fraudsters contact casino employees through a PBX call, posing as high-ranking casino executives.

Subsequently, they follow up with a text message to the targeted employee's cell phone, creating an illusion of authenticity. This well-coordinated approach adds an air of credibility to the scam, leading the unsuspecting employees to comply with the fraudulent requests.

Magnitude of the Scam

The memo further reveals that the largest known scheme in Nevada to date resulted in the scammers making off with an astonishing $1.17 million. Such a significant loss underscores the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action to combat this evolving threat. The scammers are not only targeting casino cage employees but have expanded their focus to include gaming pits and other areas within the casino. This demonstrates their adaptability and determination to exploit any vulnerabilities they encounter.

Response and Recommendations

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and law enforcement agencies are actively investigating these scams and striving to prevent further incidents. In response, they are urging all casino licensees to thoroughly review their security protocols regarding the withdrawal of funds from the casino cage.

The board emphasizes the importance of authorizing the removal of cage funds only under strict and verifiable circumstances. This measure seeks to minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals exploiting the system.

Furthermore, it is essential for casino employees to remain vigilant and exercise caution when receiving requests to handle large sums of money. They should verify the legitimacy of any instructions received through multiple channels before taking any action. By maintaining open lines of communication with superiors and colleagues, employees can promptly report suspicious incidents and protect themselves and the casino from potential scams.

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