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Scientific Games' Lucky Day Promotion Boosts Sales for South Carolina Lottery Games

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Scientific Games, a prominent lottery company, has achieved outstanding results in South Carolina, where its products have been instrumental in driving robust sales for the state lottery operations.

The introduction of the Lucky Day digital second-chance promotion has contributed to a significant increase in sales for two retail scratch-off games, namely, $1 Wild Luck and $2 Crazy Luck.

Thanks to the new promotion, Wild Luck has seen a 36% increase in performance compared to other $1 South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) scratch-off games, while Crazy Luck has shown a 17% improvement over other SCEL $2 games. This marketing campaign by Scientific Games has successfully boosted engagement and sales for these two games specifically.

Both games were launched in February and have generated over $5.2 million in sales, with 23,000 unique users purchasing a total of 335,000 tickets online. The significant increase in sales for these games can be largely attributed to the Lucky Day promotion, which allows players to enter non-winning Wild Luck and Crazy Luck scratchers for a chance to win up to $500 in a second-chance drawing.

The bonus games take place online, where players spin a wheel for an opportunity to win the prize instantly. The promotion aligns with Scientific Games' commitment to driving results across its omnichannel experience, encompassing both the retail and online lottery experience. It creates new, meaningful, and engaging ways for players to participate across various media and verticals.

Ammie Smith, the South Carolina Education Lottery Director of Product Development, commented on the success of the game and the digital promotion. She stated that the integration of physical scratch-off tickets with digital second-chance opportunities offers South Carolina players a unique omnichannel experience that they clearly enjoy, ultimately driving sales.

John Schulz, President of Americas and Global Instant Products at Scientific Games, expressed excitement over the company's products' exceptional performance in South Carolina. The addition of these new digital enhancements and second-chance bonus games has added even more significance to the $1 and $2 games, with the Lucky Day digital enhancement being hailed as a success story.

A Significant Market for Lottery Promotions

South Carolina currently ranks as the world's fourth-largest lottery market in terms of instant game per capita sales, making it an area of significant interest for Scientific Games. The company continues to explore innovative strategies to enhance player engagement and maximize sales opportunities in this thriving market.

Scientific Games' successful venture in South Carolina serves as a testament to its ability to deliver exciting and engaging lottery experiences through the integration of physical and digital channels. By embracing the latest advancements in technology and marketing strategies, Scientific Games continues to thrive and provide players with compelling opportunities to win big.

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