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Symplify Expands into US Market

Stockholm-based online casino CRM company, Symplify has increased its global reach after launching a US division of its operations to focus on the thriving North American market.

The new entity will be headed up by the current SCCG CEO and founder, Stephen Crystal, who undertakes the role of president.

It is a move that is being viewed as an astute next step in the company's journey, with ambitious plans in place to make an impact in the US.

Significant Opportunity Awaits

Following the company's expansion into the US, the sky is essentially the limit for the software specialists, and it could certainly pave the way for considerably more business.

One of the fastest-growing markets in the online gambling industry, the US represents the ideal opportunity for Symplify to further establish itself across the Atlantic, with many intriguing options possible.

Applying our thorough understanding of the digital gaming market, together with SCCG's close-knit relationship with brick-and-mortar casinos, has proven to be very successful.
Establishing a US base with my friend and colleague (Stephen) Crystal in charge is an exciting and self-evident opportunity for Symplify.

Robert KimberSymplify CEO

Similar views were echoed by Crystal, who elaborated on the power and potential of the company's product, adding: "A decade ago, AI was a marketing term broadly plastered across products to draw unwarranted attention to the emergent technology. Now it falls to the team at Symplify US to help share the power of the Symplify solution with North American casino gaming operators.

"We want to let their marketing teams know that we have a CRM solution that adds value without the cost of too much labour, time, and attention."

What Gives Symplify an Edge?

The beauty for the company is that they are moving into the North American market, with very little industry competition in this niche, as well as significantly more experience, highlighted by its offices in Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Canada.

In the US, the industry is still relatively new due to most states only recently becoming regulated, while there are many startups also realizing the potential of the online gambling market.

Symplify's track record of achieving results in the industry across Europe can prove advantageous as it seeks to onboard new clients based in the US. With an office close by in neighboring Canada, the analytics there can also be a vital tool in helping Symplify to realize what may or may not be possible.

A versatile product, this is not only available for the online gambling market either, but also brick-and-mortar casinos, which further helps to strengthen the company's case, while there is a plethora of these to target across the country. The experience serving the Hong Kong market can be vital here in bringing new US casino clients into the Symplify family.

Although it is still very much early days in the company's next steps, the signs so far appear to be positive.

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