The Power of Diversification in iGaming: Insights from GameBeat's Client Director

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Welcome to our latest exclusive interview, featuring Timur Todua, the Client Director at GameBeat. Timur is a pivotal figure in his field, driving forward the success of GameBeat with a blend of innovation, passion, and strategic insight. In this engaging conversation, we delve into GameBeat's recent milestones, their unique approach to game development, and the exciting future that lies ahead for them. As our team at CasinoReviews explores Timur's perspectives, prepare to be inspired by the creativity and dedication that are propelling GameBeat to new heights in the competitive world of online gaming.

GameBeat has been buzzing with activity lately, and as the Client Director, you're undoubtedly at the heart of many of these developments. Can you share a milestone you're particularly proud of? Were there any endeavors that you view as lessons or setbacks?

There were milestones that I can be proud of indeed this year. We have released several games that surpassed expected players’ numbers and engagement metrics - we reached 1,000,000 players per month this year. GameBeat is still in a flourishing stage, so for us, that’s a great result. In the dynamic iGaming industry, there is always something new to learn. We perceive challenges as valuable learning experiences contributing to our products and services’ overall growth and improvement.

Your game portfolio is expanding rapidly. Recently, you introduced three distinct titles: Frog Space Program, Xiao's Treasures, and Juicy Do 5, each offering a unique gaming experience. Do you believe diversifying gameplay and themes is the key to successful game production? Does each game carry GameBeat's signature touch?

Yes, as our audience is broad, and everyone has their preferences.

Diversification is a key factor in the successful production of games.

Our strategic working approach allows us to reach players with different interests.

But despite each game being unique, we strive to imbue them all with our signature touch. Maintaining specific quality standards contributes to the formation of brand recognition and players’ trust.

Though GameBeat is a newer name in the industry, it's quickly making its mark with numerous achievements. What advice would you offer to new game developers entering the iGaming world?

GameBeat believes in the power of three: Product, Player, and Team.

PRODUCT: We are perfectionists, from graphics and sound effects to gameplay and advanced gaming features. That's precisely why our players keep coming back to our games.

PLAYER: GameBeat is an expansive universe, the core of which is the player. We understand what they like because we enjoy playing slots, too. Our passion makes our products unique.

TEAM: Our strength is in our unity. We listen and value each other, share knowledge, and evolve to create something extraordinary.

It is our formula for success.

You've just unveiled a revamped website for GameBeat. What enhancements can visitors anticipate regarding interface, user experience, and content on the new platform?

We were looking forward to a new version of our website. From now on, it’s user-friendly, stylish, and very convenient. There are the specific points we breathed new life into our website with:

After each new release, our homepage changes to a dynamic background showcasing the latest game. Check our main page after the 14th of November - it will turn into Wolf of Wild Street’s theme.

The Games section is informative and appealing - with unified descriptions and images.

We’ve added a Blog section where we share the latest news. For example, a summary of this interview can also be found there after being published at Casino Reviews.

The characters from Fortune Five Double lead the visitors to the About Us section.

We completely updated the Careers section: you can now see a full description of the advantages of working at GameBeat with the candidate's lifecycle, photos from internal events, and the handsome Triton in the feedback form.

All our partners are now pretty bright and clickable in the Partners section.

One of GameBeat's latest games, Stolbik 777, is a modern take on a beloved slot game from the 90s. What inspired this nostalgic journey? Do you feel that tapping into nostalgia offers a distinct advantage for developers in a saturated market?

As I mentioned earlier, having an audience with various interests, we strive to diversify our portfolio. Therefore, this game has allowed many people to immerse themselves in their memories of when Stolbik was on every street in post-Soviet countries.

Stolbik by GameBeat

Building on that, do you think there's room for genuinely innovative and never-before-seen games? How challenging is it for developers to break new ground and venture into uncharted territories of game design?

Yes, there certainly is. You can see how various innovative games emerge with each passing moment. Considering the development of technologies, unprecedented games will continue to appear with new tools. It’s fascinating that, in such a competitive industry, you constantly think about what innovative thing to do in your game.

Regarding the game development lifecycle, which phases do you view as the most time-consuming? Do you see potential in AI to streamline certain aspects of the process?

Most likely, most of the time is spent on pre-production, especially when you start brainstorming and everyone comes up with fantastic ideas you want to implement all at once. Then, following established processes, there is production, testing, and post-production. And, of course, we involve AI in some of our processes to handle routine tasks and expedite production.

As we approach 2024, what can fans anticipate from GameBeat? What are some specific objectives or milestones you're aiming to achieve?

From the main highlights - these are new games with cluster mechanics and crash games. We also have plans for a game with a unique mechanic that I haven't seen in the market yet. Also, new licenses and entry into new markets are coming. So, stay tuned for updates!

Lastly, if you could pinpoint one defining element for GameBeat in 2024, what do you envision it to be? And in the broader landscape of the gambling and online gaming business, what trends or shifts do you foresee taking center stage next year?

I would emphasize innovations. That’s our priority. Next year, we aim to release a unique game to capture our players’ hearts. We’re looking forward to seeing you playing.

I assume the number of instant games will increase. I also think that in the iGaming world, more and more games from the familiar mobile game development will emerge.

In this enlightening conversation with Timur Todua, we've journeyed through the heart of GameBeat's innovative spirit and strategic vision. From their commitment to diversifying game portfolios to embracing nostalgia and breaking new ground in game design, GameBeat stands as a testament to what passion, teamwork, and a player-centric approach can achieve in the iGaming industry.

Stay tuned to CasinoReviews.Net gambling interview series for more insights and updates from the forefront of the online gaming world.

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