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Time2Play Seeks to Fill Gambling Stream Void

Following the news that Twitch is to ban gambling links and referral codes, the Malta-based company Time2Play, a gaming review site owned by the Kafe Rocks Group, has said that it will welcome gambling streamers.

The site has said that it will make it clear to viewers how the streamers on the platform are funded and that streamers will also be required to sign and follow a code of conduct. They must also complete a registration form that asks for details such as the name of their Twitch channel and number of followers, their streaming schedule, their streaming income, and what features they would like to see in a new streaming platform. Streamers may already register, but it is not clear when the streaming platform will launch.

Simon Pilkington CEO Kafe Rocks Group

Time2Play was established in 2021 with the £mission of providing an independent and trustworthy source of information to players.” The site’s chairman said that Twitch’s decision was understandable as gambling content should not be displayed alongside gaming streams that appeal to minors. That is why the site is offering “a dedicated platform that will connect streamers with adult players, who want to be fully informed about online casinos and the games they offer. There is clearly a desire for the content the gambling streamers produce, with audiences frequently numbering in the thousands for the most popular channels. What we want to do is help ensure it is shown in the right context and to the right people.

Simon PilkingtonCEO Kafe Rocks Group

As Pilkington explained, there is clearly a high demand for casino and gambling streamers, and Time2Play is well-positioned to capitalize on it. Following the Twitch ban, it is likely that it is just the first of many platforms that will try to fill the gap.

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