Unveiling SA Gaming's Latest Masterpiece: An Exclusive Interview on the Diamond Hall Studio

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We had the privilege of sitting down with a spokesperson from SA Gaming, a leading live games platform provider in Asia. With their recent announcement of the new addition to their product portfolio, Diamond Hall, we delved deep into the inspiration, technology, and future prospects of this exciting venture. Join us in the newest installment to our interview series to uncover the details behind the creation of what SA Gaming calls their "crown jewel."

Congratulations on the recently announced new addition to your product portfolio. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the creation of Diamond Hall? What makes it the "crown jewel" of SA Gaming?

A crown jewel is precious, and it takes a lot of effort to make one. The creation of Diamond Hall shares this belief. SA Gaming has dedicated a huge amount of resources to this new hall. We had always wanted to have a lobby decorated with elegance and luxury. That was how the idea of Diamond Hall came up. The hall is installed with the latest tech, like Optical Card Detection and Live Verification. During the setup, we sent our experts to the headquarters on-site and made sure everything was under control. Every part of the Diamond Hall is the result of hard work and care from SA Gaming. It truly is our crown jewel.

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Diamond Hall is described as providing a VIP atmosphere for players. Can you elaborate on the specific features or aspects that contribute to this luxurious experience?

Our goal is to make a visit to the Diamond Hall a luxurious experience. It basically is a land-based casino experience restored online. Guests can even avoid the crowds in land-based casinos. They can just sit back and enjoy the premium gaming experience provided by Diamond Hall and the professional dealers. They can spend hours going through rounds and rounds of thrilling games in a very relaxed manner.

Can you explain in more detail how the Optical Card Detection technology works in Diamond Hall? How does it enhance the gaming experience for the players?

The optical card detection technology interprets the cards once they are revealed. It enhances the gaming experience for the players, for it is able to give players a card-dealing experience that highly resembles real-life operation. It has been proven that human errors would be reduced to a minimum with the use of optical card detection. With fewer cancelled rounds and card misinterpretations, players enjoy the whole experience a lot more.

How does the AI algorithm contribute to the functioning of the Optical Card Detection technology and how has this method proven to be superior to traditional scanners? On that note, as artificial intelligence becomes more common in gambling and live gaming, what changes or plans do you anticipate for the future in terms of using AI?

Under our AI algorithm, the in-built AI learns from every detection and recognition, meaning it has the ability to reduce errors made. This is not something achievable with the use of scanners, which suffer the most as time passes, when the cards take up wear and tear, the barcodes may deform and thus lead to more scan failures and misinterpretations.

Artificial intelligence is surely going to gain greater importance in the foreseeable future. It can play a vital part in reducing human errors in our everyday operations and can even take up the role of an insights analyst to support business decisions, customer relationship management, and many more.

The Live Verification Feature is a unique aspect of Diamond Hall, and as you say, it allows players to verify the live broadcast from the game client. Can you walk us through the process and explain how it improves the gaming experience?

When at a table, players can click the Live Verification button below the betting area. There, they can choose one out of five emojis provided by us. Once selected, a message will appear and ask players to wait for a moment. In a few seconds, the chosen emoji will appear on the tablet screen of the table. The dealer would even do the emoji as a little dealer-player interaction. This improves the gaming experience of players who always doubt if a table is a live broadcast or not. With an assurance of this kind, players would find the game more enjoyable instead of spending time doubting its authenticity.

How does this feature make the verification process more convenient for players? Can you share any feedback you've received from users about it?

In the past, most suppliers had a tablet showing the telephone number for players to call to. Making these long-distance calls was time-consuming, and it always ended up in vain. Now all it takes is a few clicks. The process is fast, simple, reliable and convenient - we have received compliments from both our clients and their players, showing approval for this function, as it brings greater reliability and thus confidence to the players.

The ambiance in the Diamond Hall studio is quite distinct from your other halls. Could you provide some insight into the design elements and aesthetic choices in the Diamond Hall studio and what made you choose this approach specifically?

The base color of Diamond Hall is red, as we would like to show our passion for gaming and our ambition to provide quality online entertainment. The design elements and aesthetic choices in Diamond Hall are mainly inspired by its name "Diamond." We create elegance and luxury with the use of highly illuminated backgrounds and shiny accessories on the dealers. This approach matches SA Gaming's image, which can be described as elegance and charm.

How does the Diamond Hall studio add value to SA Gaming's other games and services? Given your audience in both Europe and Asia, how do you adjust your offerings to suit each market's unique preferences?

As our crown jewel, Diamond Hall has surely meant a lot to us. It has set a benchmark for our other halls to follow. Being our flagship studio, we have a lot of upcoming projects there to be expected. To suit each market's unique preferences, our Euro Hall is our answer to the European audience. There, we provide widely popular European games like Blackjack and Roulette. In the future, we will continue to enrich our product portfolio in order to cater for a wider audience and open up new markets.

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Our audience enjoys getting a sneak peek at upcoming features from game studios. Can you reveal any improvements or additions that players can anticipate on the SA Gaming platform?

The second half of 2023 is going to be busy for us. To increase our market share in our established markets, we will continue to launch market-specific games targeting the Southeast Asian market. There are also going to be some enhancements to our existing games. We are adding elements to create a more dynamic gameplay that can give chills to players and engage them in a better way. Expect a lot more from SA Gaming!

In this conversation with SA Gaming, we've gained a comprehensive understanding of Diamond Hall's inception, its state-of-the-art features, and the company's forward-looking approach. From the integration of Optical Card Detection technology and AI algorithms to the unique Live Verification Feature, SA Gaming is truly revolutionizing the online gaming experience. With a commitment to luxury, authenticity, and innovation, it's evident that SA Gaming is not only setting benchmarks for themselves but also for the industry at large. As we look ahead, the second half of 2023 promises even more advancements and market-specific games, solidifying SA Gaming's position at the forefront of online entertainment. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights.

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