What Drives Wazdan – An Interview with CCO Andrzej Hyla

For the next installment in our interview series, we had a talk with Andrzej Hyla, the Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan. He kindly provided us with some fascinating insights into the developer’s philosophy, its latest games, and what we can expect to see in the future.

Thank you for joining us! Can you introduce yourself and Wazdan to our readers?

When I first joined Wazdan in 2008, I was greeted with a passionate team of individuals that wanted to make a real impact in the iGaming industry. I became part of a company that possesses the knowledge, experience, and drive to challenge the product portfolios of the industry’s leaders, and it has been a very rewarding process so far.

Interview with Andrzej Hyla

I’ve worked my way up through the ranks over the years and was recently made Chief Commercial Officer back in February. Under this new role, I’m responsible for key commercial growth in major targeted regulated markets across the globe as we look to continue our notion of aggressive expansion. We go above and beyond for our partners and players to create memorable products that can be enjoyed anywhere, and this is reflected in all our content.

Recent months have seen Wazdan enter a number of new markets (New Jersey, Switzerland, Belarus, etc.). Are there any differences in player preferences between markets, and have you seen certain titles perform particularly well in different regions?

It should come as no surprise that various titles perform better in certain regions. With a prized portfolio consisting of over 140 games, we can proudly say that each one of our players will be able to find a game to their liking.

Wazdan has more than 140 games

Also, thanks to our adjustable features, including Volatility Levels™, our games can be enjoyed by all types of players since they can simply adjust the game to their unique requirements.

Where do you see Wazdan going next? Are there any markets that you feel are untapped and you would like to enter?

We have followed a clear strategic decision to focus on geographical expansion in regulated markets for some time now, which has allowed us to thrive. With certification to supply games in 16 jurisdictions, our products are currently enjoyed by players in regulated markets all over the globe.

Wazdan is set to enter new markets

That said, we’re planning to enter other US states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and we’re always interested in newly-regulated markets. Watch this space!

Wazdan has a proud history of innovation, and you’ve put great effort into creating unique features that are signature to your games. Do you think it is important to continue inventing new mechanics for online slots, or is that a case of reinventing the wheel?

Players are always on the lookout for something new, and that’s why it’s so important for game suppliers to continue to create innovative features that capture the minds of our customers.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our partners, fully understanding market requirements, and adjusting to them.

This is how we came up with the idea of developing our proprietary Wazdan Features, including Volatility Levels™, as well as our promotional tool Cash Drop.

New features don’t only need to be entertaining, rather functional and easy-to-understand at the same time, so often it is not a case of reinventing the wheel and more a case of finding a niche in the market.

What are the features you’re most proud of?

There’s plenty we are proud of. From new features in games, like the Hold the Jackpot bonus round, which we change, refine, and add to in each new iteration, to our Unique Wazdan Features: Volatility Levels™, Ultra Fast Mode, Ultra Lite Mode, and Big Screen Mode.

The most populars Wazdan features

There’s so much we do that makes a real difference to a player’s experience. For example, the Buy Feature allows players to enter desired bonus rounds at any time, and our promotional tool, Cash Drop, rewards them with random prizes. We offer a lot, and we’re extremely pleased with every new addition to our portfolio.

On that note, all of your latest releases are Hold the Jackpot games. Do you plan on making this a staple of the brand, and would you re-release popular titles with the Hold the Jackpot feature?

We’ve already released a lengthy series of Hold the Jackpot slots, and with 5 new games featuring this popular bonus round in the pipeline, you could say it is becoming a staple of our brand.

Hold the Jackpot feature

The best features take off on their own, and this one became an instant hit among our players, so we are sure to add more games to the collection that feature thrilling themes, enhanced bonus features, and incredible visuals.

You must be excited about your new release, Power of Gods™: Hades! How has the reception been so far?

The reception has been amazing! It has been our best release so far as players appear to resonate strongly with the mythical theme, innovative features, and huge jackpots it offers.

Power of Gods™: Hades slot

Power of Gods™: Hades utilizes Wazdan’s Hold the Jackpot mechanic and allows players to choose the Volatility Level™ and skip straight to the bonus round when using the Buy Feature. The game also offers other Unique Wazdan Features that allow players to adjust the product to their unique requirements.

Although Power of Gods™: Hades is the latest release to arrive in both the Power of Gods™ and Hold the Jackpot series, there are more additions to these collections in the roadmap for the year ahead.

You’re on a roll, it seems, and we heard that you have another game in the works. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Our foolproof way of delivering old-school vibes and state-of-the-art technology in the same product makes our fruit slots a joy to play, and our upcoming game Sizzling Bells™ is no exception, offering players an old-school feel and our renowned Hold the Jackpot mechanic.

New slot games from Wazdan

Moving away from fruit-themed slots, Jelly Reels™ is more a sweet adventure, offering smooth gameplay, 8 reels of action, and a monumental 16,777,216 ways to win. The game takes players on a wobbly journey featuring cascading wins and some huge jackpots for players to trigger in the Hold the Jackpot bonus round.

Lastly, Power of Gods™: Medusa invites players to explore the legendary lair of Medusa and defeat the mythical snake-haired Gorgon. Providing them with a spectacular theme, as well as stunning graphics, animations, and engaging features, the wonderfully designed slot is set to captivate the imagination of its players.

Are there any plans to expand Wazdan’s collection of casino games, or is the company solely focused on slots?

Wazdan casino portfolio

While we mostly develop slot games, we have a nice collection of casino & table games, including poker and other specialty games. We’re currently focusing on enlarging our Hold the Jackpot games collection and making it a staple of our brand, but who knows what surprises the future holds.

Finally, how do you see Wazdan developing in the years to come?

While I don’t want to give much away, we look forward to entering new markets, partnering with the best casino operators on the market, releasing innovative new games with pioneering features, and developing new promo tools and customizable features that help players customize their experiences.

We are hugely grateful to Andrzej for taking the time to provide us with such thoughtful and detailed answers. It seems certain that Wazdan is set to build upon its already considerable success, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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