What Makes a Successful Event - A Conversation with Zoltán Tűndik from HIPTHER

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Welcome to this exclusive interview with Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Head of Business and a key figure behind the success of HIPTHER Agency. From digital media engagement to live events, HIPTHER's mission is to elevate businesses and offer unparalleled experiences. Their events, whether in Prague, Riga, or their upcoming autumn events, are hubs of innovation, attracting global experts and visionaries. As you dive into this interview, you'll get a glimpse of the passion and dedication that drives Zoltán and the entire HIPTHER team. Continue reading the latest addition to our interviews with leaders, to know more about the success of HIPTHER.

Welcome Zoltan. For our readers who might be unfamiliar, could you introduce yourself and give us an overview of what HIPTHER Agency is all about and what sets it apart in the event planning and media industry?

Excited to meet all readers of this interview. Here are a few details about HIPTHER.

HIPTHER Agency stands distinctively in the event planning and media industry, where our empathetic and human-centric approach sets us apart. We believe in forging close connections between speakers and audiences, regardless of whether our events are in-person or online.

We, at HIPTHER, are the orchestrators of memorable experiences. Our professional team ensures a seamless and gratifying cooperation that goes beyond the usual client-service provider relationship.

As the flagship brand behind numerous leading media outlets spanning across various industries and sectors, HIPTHER takes immense pride in its expanding suite of services and visibility opportunities designed for global brands. Our mission is to amplify the visibility of your business, and the unique services you offer, through digital media engagement and live events. We specialize in creating dynamic environments that serve as platforms for business growth, enhancing customer relationships and experiences.

Our events are not just gatherings, they are the breeding ground for innovation and forward thinking, attracting world-class experts, visionaries, and decision-makers seeking solutions to propel their businesses forward. More information on our past successful endeavors and upcoming events could be found on our website.

2023 has been a significant year for HIPTHER Agency, with notable successes in Riga and Prague, with the later celebrating its biggest year yet, and the anticipation of your upcoming autumn events. Can you share with us the highlights, key lessons learned, and the goals you've set for the remainder of the year, especially in light of the recent triumphs and feedback from the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit?

Indeed, 2023 has been a milestone year for HIPTHER Agency. We started strong with our events in Prague and Riga, which were immensely successful, garnering exceptional feedback from attendees, sponsors, and speakers. These events were characterized by insightful discussions, innovative ideas, and valuable networking opportunities. A special highlight was the blend of industries we catered to, including gaming, fintech, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The lessons we learned from these events primarily revolve around the power of hybrid events and the need for continuous innovation in content delivery. We observed that our audience appreciates engaging content, high-quality speakers, and the flexibility to participate from anywhere in the world.

Our autumn events promise to be groundbreaking, as we build upon the success and the lessons from the first half of the year. We have some exciting partnerships and speakers lined up that we can't wait to share with you!

In terms of goals, our focus is on enhancing the attendee experience, diversifying our speaker base, and continually seeking opportunities to innovate in the way we deliver content.

In summary, the #hipthers journey in 2023 is an embodiment of growth, learning, and relentless pursuit of delivering value to our participants and partners. We look forward to maintaining this momentum as we move towards our exciting autumn events.

HIPTHER has been known for its strong presence in the gaming industry. Can you elaborate on the reasons behind your agency's decision to venture into the TECH sector, and how do you see the convergence of gaming and technology influencing both industries and your events?

Our expansion into the TECH sector has been a natural and strategic move given the increasingly intertwined nature of gaming and technology. If we follow technology news closely, we will see that the gaming industry is continuously being reshaped and redefined by advancements in technology, whether it's through AI, VR, blockchain technology, or other emerging tech. This symbiotic relationship has allowed us to explore and tap into new areas of interest and innovation, creating a more holistic and enriching platform for our audience.

Why the expansion into TECH? Firstly, it was driven by our mission to stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments. We saw the growing impact of technology on the gaming industry and the broader economy, and we wanted to provide a platform that reflects these evolving dynamics.

Secondly, our audience's interests are broadening. Today's gaming professionals are also interested in broader tech trends, given the significant implications on their business operations. By incorporating TECH, we're able to provide a more comprehensive, multi-disciplinary platform that meets these diverse needs.

As for the intersection of gaming and TECH, it's everywhere you look.

From game development driven by advanced software technologies to in-game economies powered by blockchain to user acquisition and retention strategies fueled by AI and machine learning – gaming and TECH are intrinsically linked.

This intersection is creating exciting opportunities and challenges, and through HIPTHER events, we aim to explore these in depth, providing our audience with the insights and connections they need to navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

The iGaming and gambling industry is vast, with numerous stakeholders playing pivotal roles but event organizers certainly hold their fair share and ground. With that context, can you elaborate on the significance of events within this sector, the benefits they offer to professionals and businesses, and how you envision the future of these events?

Firstly, it facilitates connections and networking. The events serve as a powerful platform for industry professionals, stakeholders, gambling regulators, and suppliers to connect, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations. These interactions often result in partnerships, deals, and innovative initiatives that can shape the future of the gambling industry.

Secondly, the iGaming events industry provides an important platform for knowledge sharing and learning. At conferences and summits, industry experts share their insights, research findings, and experiences, contributing to a greater understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the gambling industry.

Thirdly, these events are instrumental in showcasing the latest innovations and technologies. Exhibitions and demos at events allow companies to showcase their newest offerings and innovations, from cutting-edge software solutions to game-changing products and services.

Regarding the future, we see the events industry becoming even more vital to the gambling industry. As the gambling industry continues to grow and evolve, there will be an increasing need for platforms that foster connections, facilitate learning, and showcase innovation. In the post-pandemic world, we see a blend of in-person and digital events.

Virtual events have proven their value in terms of accessibility and scale, but in-person events remain unmatched for their depth of connection and engagement. We anticipate more hybrid events that combine the best of both formats.

Moreover, we foresee an increased focus on sustainability and responsible gambling within the industry's events. As these topics continue to gain importance, future events will likely feature more sessions and discussions around these areas, helping to shape the gambling industry's direction towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

The future of the events industry in the gambling sector looks dynamic, more inclusive, more sustainable, and more integral than ever.

Recognizing that HIPTHER events pride themselves on offering more than just standard networking opportunities, and provide a myriad of tailored possibilities for businesses to showcase their unique strengths, what specific strategies and opportunities would you recommend for companies to ensure they achieve maximum exposure and growth at these events?

Companies can maximize their exposure and growth at HIPTHER events through a variety of strategies:

  • Sponsorship: One of the most effective ways to gain exposure is through sponsorship. Sponsoring an event can put your brand in front of a large, relevant, and engaged audience. HIPTHER offers a variety of sponsorship packages tailored to different budgets and objectives, enabling you to select the one that suits your company's needs.
  • ExhibiMeet: Having an exhibition booth allows your company to showcase its products or services directly to potential clients, partners, or investors. It also provides an opportunity for face-to-face interactions, which can help build stronger relationships.
  • Speaking Opportunities: Speaking at a panel or giving a presentation allows you to position your company as a thought leader in your industry. It not only enhances your brand's visibility but also provides an opportunity to share your expertise, insights, and success stories.
  • Networking: HIPTHER events are designed to facilitate networking, with dedicated sessions and online platforms. Use these opportunities to connect with other participants, foster collaborations, and explore new business opportunities.
  • Marketing Materials: Be sure to prepare compelling marketing materials for the event. This could be in the form of brochures, business cards, product demos, or videos. Make sure your branding is clear and consistent across all materials.
  • Participation in Award Ceremonies: HIPTHER events often feature award ceremonies that recognize excellence in various areas. Being nominated for, or winning, an award can significantly boost your company's profile.
  • Social Media: Promote your participation in the event on your social media platforms. This can raise awareness among your followers and attract more visitors to your booth or your speaking session.
  • Post-Event Follow Up: Don’t forget to follow up with the contacts you’ve made during the event. Send them a thank-you note, connect with them on LinkedIn, and set up meetings to further explore potential collaborations.

By actively engaging in all aspects of HIPTHER events, from sponsorship to networking, your company can maximize its exposure and catalyze its growth.

With September to November shaping up to be bustling months for HIPTHER as you organize a mix of online and live events, what can participants anticipate from these autumn gatherings, and how would you describe the value and opportunities they present for businesses and attendees?

The participants of our autumn events can expect an engaging, high-energy environment that is primed for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Attending a HIPTHER event is not just about gaining exposure—it's an investment in your company's future. You're immersing yourself in an environment where the latest industry developments are discussed, where you can meet potential clients and partners, and where you have the opportunity to learn from the best. Be proactive, engage in discussions, make new connections, and don't be afraid to showcase what your company has to offer. Remember, every conversation can open doors to new possibilities, and every insight gained can be the key to overcoming your challenges and driving your growth. We look forward to welcoming you at our autumn events and seeing how your journey unfolds.

As we wrap up this enlightening conversation with Zoltán Tűndik, it's evident that HIPTHER Agency is not just an event organizer but a trendsetter in the industry. Their expansion into the TECH sector, their insights into the symbiotic relationship between gaming and technology, and their vision for the future of events in the gambling industry are truly inspiring. For businesses looking to make a mark, HIPTHER's events offer a golden opportunity to maximize exposure and growth. As Zoltán puts it, attending a HIPTHER event is an investment in your company's future.

We eagerly anticipate their autumn events and the waves of innovation they promise to bring. You can contact Zoltan Tuendik and HIPTHER Agency at [email protected].

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